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Levin encourages Israelis 'as strongly as I know how to vote for Benjamin Netanyahu'

Conservative Review

On his radio show Friday, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed the importance of Benjamin Netanyahu prevailing in the Israeli elections, which will occur on Tuesday.

“I just want to encourage the Israelis as strongly as I know how to vote for Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party. Benjamin Netanyahu has not only been a great leader for Israel, but during the time when Obama was president, he was the most important leader of the free world,” Levin started. “He is a tremendous ally of this country, and he’s hated by the Left because he’s a strong leader. He’s hated by the Left because he’s made Israel a strong economic country. He’s moved it towards the free market and away from socialism. He's hated by the Left because the Israelis know how to defend themselves and they've built up a military second to none in the Middle East.”

“I'm an American citizen. I vote right here. But if I did vote in Israel, I’d be voting for Netanyahu and the Likud Party. There’s no question about it,” he concluded.


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