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Levin: Here’s the Democrats’ ‘sickening, cynical’ Franken scheme

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On Thursday’s radio program, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out the “phony” resignation of Sen. Al Franken and warned that the Democrats are gearing up to flip their position if Roy Moore is elected to the U.S. Senate in Alabama.

“This is one of the most cynical political ploys by the Democrats in the Senate that I’ve seen in a very, very long time,” Levin said.


Levin explained that the rush of Democratic senators who called for Franken’s resignation earlier this week has the mark of a coordinated effort. Further, Franken’s declaration that he would resign “in the coming weeks” is highly suspicious.

“We all know what’s happening here — the Alabama election is on Tuesday. Roy Moore might win,” Levin said.

“If Roy Moore is elected, you’re going to hear the calls for him to resign immediately, which of course he won’t do. Mitch McConnell has already said he’ll go to the Senate Ethics Committee, but you’re gonna hear demands for [Moore's] expulsion and his resignation. And Roy Moore is not going to resign if he’s elected; that’s abundantly clear.”

“So, you’re then gonna start hearing from the Democrats in the Senate and their mouthpieces in the media, ‘Well why should Franken resign? After all, the allegations against Moore are much worse.’”

“This is all a scheme,” Levin said. “A sickening, cynical scheme!”

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