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Levin: Ignore DC politicians if you want to protect our kids at school

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LevinTV host Mark Levin began his radio show Thursday evening stressing the need to ramp up security measures to protect America’s schoolchildren.

Levin advised his audience to ignore the usual hysteria from leftist politicians, noting that politicians do not have the experience or knowledge to provide solutions. He called on listeners to look to people who have to deal with these issues, such as first responders, teachers, and law enforcement.

He reminded listeners that evil killers do not represent America. Instead, look to the heroism of Aaron Feis, the high school football coach who sacrificed his life to save his students.

Levin stressed that a federalist approach through local governments and local school districts can solve these issues more effectively than Washington politicians.

“How about protecting our babies in the womb and protecting our babies who go to these government schools?” Levin asked.

“How about we get into the safety, health, and protection business?” he added. “If we want to protect our children in these public schools, we need to put people in these public schools who can protect our children.”

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