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Levin: 'It's not criminal justice reform ... it's a jailbreak'

Conservative Review

On Thursday, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out the House of Representatives for approving the First Step Act, a bill said to reform the federal prison system, by an overwhelming majority of 360 to 59.

Though the name sounds appealing and the bill talks about “justice” and “reform,” Levin pointed out that the bill will not in fact do either.

“It’s not criminal justice reform in any respect; it’s a jailbreak. There’s no reform,” Levin said. “Thousands and thousands of people who’ve been convicted of crimes are going to be released.”


He added that this reform, when combined with the thousands of criminal immigrants who are entering the country illegally, “is gonna get us killed.”

“We have no great way to stop people from getting into this country, particularly when they’re young, to know whether they’re going to be members of the MS-13 gang or whether they’re already members of the MS-13 gang,” Levin said.

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