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Levin: Jerry Nadler 'would have done very, very well as a judge in the Soviet Union'

Conservative Review

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin took on House Democrats' latest efforts to impeach President Donald Trump and gave a historical reality check.

"Jerrold Nadler would have done very, very well as a commissar in the Soviet Union," Levin remarked. "He would have done very, very well as a judge in the Soviet Union, as a political apparatchik in the Soviet Union."

Levin was responding to news that Nadler's committee is suing to get grand jury information contained in the Mueller report. He said that Nadler is doing "more to damage this country, our Constitution, our national security, domestic policy by spending every waking hour of his pathetic life trying to burden, obstruct, undermine, and destroy this president. He's obsessed."

Levin then delved into the historical background behind impeachment and why the Democrats currently trying to use it as a political weapon against the president have it all wrong.

"The point is," Levin concluded, "that impeachment is not supposed to just be about politics and the political whims of the majority party in the House; there's serious, real, limiting language in our Constitution."


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