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Levin: Jerry Nadler 'has worked overtime and feverishly to release convicted, very serious criminals'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin pointed out that while the Left digs into the obscure details of Republican politicians' lives, no one is taking even a cursory glance at Rep. Jerry Nadler, D.-N.Y.

"How little reporting is done about Jerry Nadler," Levin said. "No exposés. We don't know anything about his great-grandfather. You know, we know about Mitch McConnell's great-great-grandfather, but we don't know anything about Jerry Nadler's grandfather. We don't know anything about his family. Not a word; not a thing."

Levin read an article from Townhall detailing Nadler's "long and disturbing history of supporting and facilitating the release of some of America's deadliest terrorists."

"Now it's funny how all these interviews on CNN and MSNBC, 'Meet the Press,' 'Face the Nation,' 'This Week,' none of this comes up. None of it," Levin said.


"That's the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who keeps calling the president of the United States a criminal, while he has worked overtime and feverishly to release convicted, very serious criminals. That's who runs the House Judiciary Committee. He's a real slimeball. He's a really dangerous man. You wouldn't know it looking at him, but that's exactly what he is," Levin said.

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