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Levin: 'Nobody's suggesting we send a half a million troops to fight Iran'

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained why he believes America must respond to the national security threat posed by Iran, with the shooting down of a $180 million U.S. Navy drone aircraft by Iran early Thursday.

"The Red Chinese are watching. Vladimir Putin is watching. North Koreans are watching. Our enemies are watching all over the world: What's American going to do about this?" Levin said. "Well, Congress has a brilliant idea: They want to debate it. Then after they debate it, they want to discuss whether they should fund any kind of military reaction, in between their investigations of the president of the United States, and in between their failures to secure the border, and in between their explosive spending that's shooting the debt through the ceiling. So real time? They don't care about real time. Today's Thursday; most of them are on jets heading back home. That's God's honest truth."

"Then we have the hard Left in this country that believes we are a warmongering country -- that we're responsible for these regimes in the world that do what they do. ... Then we have these Code Pink Republicans ... who say, 'You know, we've seen enough war; we've been in enough fights; we've spent enough money; enough is enough and so be it."

Levin set the record straight.

"What is the right position? The right position is not to be an ideologue about this sort of thing," Levin said. "I've told you many times, Conservatism is not an ideology. It's a way of life; it's a reality. And so you need to be prudent in foreign policy, as you do in other aspects of public policy. You need to be prudent. Nobody's suggesting we send a half a million troops to fight Iran. Nobody. But you can't let an Islamo-Nazi terrorist regime do what it's doing without repercussions. 'But Mark, it's seven thousands miles away,' or whatever. Really? How many times have we heard this? Osama bin Laden was 7,000 miles away. The Third Reich, what? Thousands and thousands of miles away. Japan: Thousands and thousands of miles away, before they struck us. In fact, most of these wars have been a result of things that happened thousands and thousands of miles away, so that's not a particularly effective argument."


"I am not a radical interventionist; I never have been. But if you want to provoke war, you allow regimes like Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, to continue to advance, to continue to do what they do — and they will do it. And then it becomes increasingly difficult, the options more and more limited, and the casualties higher and higher to address them," Levin said.

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