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Levin on ‘Louder with Crowder’: It’s 97.9% Obamacare

Conservative Review

On Thursday’s episode of “Louder with Crowder,” Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin joined CRTV host Steven Crowder to discuss the Republican health care plan and talk about his forthcoming book, “Rediscovering Americanism and the Tyranny of Progressivism.”

“The bottom line is this. This bill is 97.9% Obamacare. That’s what it is,” Levin said.

“People are going to be subsidized, insurance companies are going to be subsidized, we’re subsidizing it. Our premiums will stay high, our deductibles will stay high, and they have not introduced free market competition.”

Offering his own ideas, Levin told Crowder that real health care reform should follow the principle of liberty.

“Here’s my view, an insurance company should be able to offer any plan they want to, and we should be able to buy whatever plan we want to. I don’t need politicians and bureaucrats in between me and my decision,” Levin said. “The Left believes in choice when it comes to abortion — they call that a choice. But when it comes to picking a health care plan, why can’t I have a choice?”

Crowder brought up the Democratic attacks on the GOP plan, and Levin explained how these attacks are phony and inaccurate.

“Now when they say, ‘this bill cuts Medicaid’ – first of all Medicaid ought to be cut! So let’s start from that perspective, that’s number one. Number two, they’re not gonna cut a damn thing. They don’t even start cutting for [five] years! Now does anybody really believe five years out, even if Republicans control the Congress, that anybody’s gonna cut anything? I’ll tell you why they won’t: They can cut it today, and they haven’t done it! They could repeal Obamacare today, and they haven’t done it.”

“Why do we think when more and more people are going to be sucked into this disastrous entitlement, then suddenly they’ll have the political wherewithal to do something about it? They’re not.”

“Why is it so different from the campaign rhetoric?” Crowder asked. “Why are we not hearing the same kind of solutions that we heard for eight years under President Obama?”

“Because we live in a post-constitutional period, really a post-capitalist period where we tolerate the Constitution, where we tolerate capitalism,” Levin responded. “But the main job of the federal government today is redistributing wealth.”

“The problem with the Republican party is it is a progressive party. It is not an individual party, capitalist party, it is not that any more,” Levin said. “You can’t name a single major left-wing entitlement or program that’s been created that they’ve really done anything about.”

“100 years of progressivism has devoured the civil society,” Levin continued, explaining how this is one of the subjects he writes about in his forthcoming book.

“I think, and maybe I’m wrong, but I think we’ve got to get back to debating the ideas, talking about our ideals, talking about our principles, because we can win this debate.”

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