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Levin: 'Should we have been in any peace negotiations with the Taliban?'

Conservative Review

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin told listeners why the anniversary of the deadly terror attacks of 9/11 reminds us that this kind of attack must not happen again on American soil.

"The attack on the United States 18 years ago was the most violent attack, the most deadly attack on the continental United States in American history. It was done by terrorists. Osama bin Laden organized it. Al Qaeda executed it. But none of it would have been possible but for the safe harbor, protection, and support bin Laden and al Qaeda got from the Taliban in Afghanistan. That is why we are in Afghanistan. And by the way, it's thousands and thousands of miles away. What are we doing in a war thousands and thousands of miles away? And yet, they struck us. In the heart of our biggest city. They struck the Pentagon. They would've struck the White House or the Capitol building but for the heroes, the civilian heroes, that brought a third plane down in the middle of Pennsylvania. That's why we're in Afghanistan. 'Well, we've been there 18 years.' Should we have been there 12 months, three years, eight years? I don't even understand the point. We have 14,000 soldiers there, and they have prevented another 9/11."


"Should we have been in any peace negotiations with the Taliban?" Levin asked. "I want you to ask yourself, 'Should the Taliban ever have been invited to come and set foot on the continental United States?' I want you to ask yourselves if they should've been invited to go to Camp David. It's not that I don't trust the president or you don't trust the president; these are terrorists. They're not to be trusted in the least. What's a terrorist? A terrorist is a person who has no intention of complying with civil law, have no intention of complying with criminal law. Their purpose is to attack the citizenry. Their purpose is to bring down a government — to create as much mayhem as humanly possible."

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