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Levin rebukes the ‘pseudo-story’ campaign in the media that's still pushing obstruction charges against Trump

Conservative Review

On his radio show Monday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin began his program discussing the campaign to sabotage President Trump’s tenure as commander in chief.

He discussed a Washington Post story citing random former federal prosecutors, in which they claim there is a case that the president committed obstruction.

“Wow. Look at this: 370 former prosecutors wrote a letter, and they said they would have indicted the president of the United States for obstruction, had he not been president. … You know, ladies and gentleman, there’s about 50,000 former prosecutors, maybe 100,000, federal, state, local,” Levin explained. 

“So this is completely a joke. It’s what we call pseudo-events here. It’s a pseudo-story in order to create news,” Levin said of the Washington Post piece.

“It’s a pseudo-story. It’s just something to concoct — manufacture — news,” he added.


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