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Levin: Republicans are bringing a midterm ‘bloodbath’ upon themselves

Conservative Review

Congressional Republicans will have to contend with “quite a bloodbath” of their own making in November’s midterm elections, LevinTV host Mark Levin said on his national radio show Wednesday night.

The reason for this coming electoral massacre, Levin explained, is the failure of Republicans to communicate basic principles of conservatism to voters. This is despite the fact that they currently have greater opportunities to do so.

“In terms of the media, the Republicans have more going for them today than they ever had,” Levin said. As proof, he pointed to the ubiquity of conservative talk radio and conservative outlets like Fox News.

But the real problem, Levin concluded, is that “many, many of the Republicans in the House and the Senate” either can’t or won’t use these kinds of resources to defend their positions because, in reality, their positions have become “quite liberal.”


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