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Levin roasts 'left-wing kook judges' for sanctuary city order

Conservative Review

“Were there any federal district judges out there who weren’t appointed by Barack Obama?” CR Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin said in starting his show Tuesday night. “It appears all of these immigration cases wind up in front of left-wing kook judges,” he added.

Reacting to a federal judge blocking President Trump’s recent sanctuary city executive order, Levin commented on “the extent to which the Left will bastardize” the rule of law to impose “the all-powerful administrative state. The fourth branch of the federal government.”

Levin added:

“It is remarkable that we have federal judges now, who are appointed by the most radical leftist president in American history, who take his political philosophy, reverse what is basically one hundred years of jurisprudence, that they have fought for, and then impose their will.”

“You can’t have a centralized administrative state” by allowing Congress to do its job, Levin said of the Left’s ideal vision and judicial takeover.

“What do they have fidelity to? Their ideology,” Levin, who serves as president of Landmark Legal Foundation, added in explaining the ideology of leftist courts.

Listen to the full segment:

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