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Levin: 'Tell me, why are the Democrats so defensive?'

Conservative Review

Friday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin shared that the unemployment rate has reached 3.6 percent, the lowest unemployment rate in 49 years. Levin explained that because of variables such as job changes and maternity leave, such a low number is considered full employment — yet the mainstream media has not discussed it.

"People should be celebrating in the streets; people should be celebrating at happy hour. The media should be celebrating; their hosts should have smiles on their faces, ear to ear. This is incredible. It truly is. It truly is a massive economic upswing. Certainly compared to recent administrations, and unquestionably compared to the last administration. Capitalism works," Levin said.


Levin pointed out that national support for Trump has continued to rise in response to the improved economy, and support for impeachment — despite Democratic efforts to smear Attorney General William Barr for investigating the phony Russian collusion investigation — has reached a new low.

"Despite the mass media propaganda, despite the antics of the rogue Democrats in the House of Representatives, it's having no effect. No effect. Now they've turned their guns on the attorney general of the United States. Now members of the House have filed complaints with the Maryland and Virginia Bars, to try and get Attorney General Barr punished or disbarred. You believe this? And they're talking about impeaching him. And of course the goal is ... to so dirty him up that when he comes up with these unbelievable findings about the individuals who were involved in interfering in our election, the individuals who were involved in trying to take out candidate Trump ... and the individuals today who are still involved in trying to remove President Trump, they want to be able to say, 'Well, what do you expect? It comes from Barr,'" Levin said.

"Tell me, why are the Democrats so defensive ... ? They have something to hide? Why are the Democrats so worried about the inspector general report that comes out in four to six weeks? Why are they so worried about Bill Barr and his investigation? Because it leads straight to the Oval Office and a president named Barack Obama, that's why," Levin said. "The greatest scandal in political history, and the media covered it up on behalf of Obama and the Democrats. Oh, not the phony Russia collusion. No. The Obama administration's interference with our election."

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