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Levin: 'You think the media is going to correct itself?'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out Washington Post reporter Paul Farhi for still claiming his in-depth stories about the so-called "Russian collusion" were based on evidence, despite the fact that Mueller's report said there is no evidence for collusion.

"He says he relied on news reports — he did — but he relied on news reports he wanted to rely on. He cherry-picked."

Levin shared that the New York Times and Washington Post received a Pulitzer prize in 2016 for their reporting on the alleged collusion — "a Pulitzer prize on something that never occurred." Levin said that his new book, "Unfreedom of the Press," will address this.

"You're going to learn when you read this book that the New York Times has a lot of Pulitzer prizes. Its writers do too. You're going to learn about a gentleman by the name of Walter Duranty. ... He was the New York Times correspondent in Russia for 12 years. He was the senior American correspondent in Russia, and he was controlled by Joseph Stalin. He was sympathetic to the Communist Revolution, and he was sympathetic to a genocidal murderer, even though he knew he was a genocidal murderer. And you're going to learn in some detail how Walter Duranty helped cover up one of Stalin's most grotesque acts of genocide, the starvation of the people of the Ukraine. ... He knew about it, and he lied to the American people. The New York Times lied to the American people. Ten million people died when Stalin starved them to death. Ten million people died. Oh, and he got a Pulitzer prize too."


"You think the media is going to correct itself? Well, let me ask you a question: How many of these legal analysts have been fired for lying, or speculating, about what would happen in the Mueller report, on any of the cable channels? How many of them said that Donald Trump may have been secretly indicted and that indictment would be under seal? Many of them. How many of these legal analysts said the evidence for collusion is overwhelming?" Levin said.

"I don't pretend to be a plumber when I go to the bathroom, and I don't pretend to be a newsman when I give my opinion. The opposite ... is not true when it comes to the media," Levin said. "They turn opinion, analysis, interpretation into news. And bald-face lies, too."

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