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Levin: 'If he wanted to say to the president of Ukraine ... 'Go get Biden,' he would have said so.'

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Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin read the full transcript of President Donald Trump's phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, since the media reports were heavily cherry-picked.

"I want you to keep two things in mind when I read this to you," Levin said. "Number one: I don't know of another time a president has released such a document to the public. Number two: When the president was speaking on the phone with the president of Ukraine, he had no idea this would be public. So, in other words, assuming his comments were confidential, if he wanted to say to the president of Ukraine, you know, 'Go get Biden,' he would have said so."


In the phone call, Trump brings up Biden:

"You heard what I just read: The president says, 'You know, I'd like you to look into this, with my attorney general. Whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great.' He didn't say 'Get Biden.' And so what the Democrats are saying: This is the evidence that the president of the United States wanted a foreign government ... to interfere in our election, by going after the president's political opponent. Biden wasn't even running for anything! And he specifically raises the question of Biden's son, and that Biden stopped the prosecution," Levin said.

"Why is there a problem with this, other than the fact that the Democrats don't like their heroes investigated? You can't investigate Hillary Clinton, 'cause now they say 'She's out of office, leave her alone.' Biden's running for president, but you can't investigate him because 'that's political.' Meanwhile you can investigate Donald Trump every second from every day, before he was president, when he got elected president, and since he's been president. This screams out for a special counsel," Levin continued.

The point of all of this, Levin said, is that Joe and Hunter Biden are part of the corruption, not the president of the United States.

"I am proud of the president of the United States for saying what he said. He wasn't over the top. He didn't demand Biden's head. He didn't demand the head of Hunter Biden. He said, 'Look, you guys need to look into this, if you would. And do so with my attorney general.' With his attorney general! That's what he asked — that's it! And he doesn't ask him eight times, like the Wall Street Journal said, there's no quid pro quo like the original reporting said over the weekend, and all the Sunday shows got wrong. The reporting's been wrong, it's been filled with lies, it's propaganda. This whole issue is a pseudo-issue. There's nothing here. Nothing. Zero."

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