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Levin: 'If it wasn't Jim Comey ... they'd be going to prison'

Levin: 'If it wasn't Jim Comey ... they'd be going to prison'

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin responded to the scathing inspector general's report released earlier Thursday regarding former FBI Director James Comey's dissemination of classified government documents.

Comey was not charged by the Department of Justice, despite violating multiple FBI codes of conduct by taking memos home and sharing them with private lawyers and the media, claiming he did so to be more effective.

"I am a huge fan of Bill Barr's and the Department of Justice under Bill Barr. I strongly disagree with the decision not to charge him," Levin said. "Maybe they'll charge him with something else down the road, but I can tell you that stealing government property — it's no different than stealing the wheels off a government vehicle when you steal government documents — stealing government property and then using that government property to advance a partisan, political agenda is simply unacceptable. And although this inspector general report is a scarlet letter, this man needed to be in pinstripes. And I really believe it. I really believe it. The idea they can go after Lt. General Michael Flynn the way they did, and others, is incredible to me. All the lives that Comey has ruined during the course of his pathetic career. He fooled a lot of people. And he definitely has a screw loose."


"So Comey's been an assistant U.S. attorney, a U.S. attorney, a deputy attorney general, and FBI director. In all these decades, he claims, he just thought this was personal information. Now, I can tell you in an exit interview that I had as chief of staff to an attorney general when I left the administration, you are told, and you have materials in writing, about what you can and cannot do. And you cannot take government information with you. And if you are not sure if it's government information, you must ask. Which raises the question — what question does it raise, Mr. Producer? What question does this raise, after 30 years of Jim Comey in the federal government? What would it raise for you? If during the course of his 30 years he took other documents!" Levin said. "If it's the position of Jim Comey — which is utterly preposterous, and lawless, and insane — that you are free to take government documents that you created because you claim they are personal and you make the decision unilaterally, and you don't check with anybody else, and that's the position of an FBI director — that's his last government job, right? Well, what did he do in all these other government jobs? How many more files does he have at home? How many more memos and documents does he have at home that belong to the government? How come nobody's asking this?"

"This is a scathing report. Scathing. If it wasn't Jim Comey — if it was Special Agent or FBI Agent or any Robotski — they'd be going to prison."

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