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Loco in MOCO: The newest illegal alien arrested for rape in Montgomery County had criminal history, could have been deported

Conservative Review

Another day, another alleged rape in sanctuary Montgomery County, Maryland, that was 100 percent avoidable if our laws were actually enforced.

My colleague, Nate Madden, wrote about yet another illegal alien rape suspect arrested in Montgomery County, Maryland. Oluwakayode Adewole Adebusuyi, 26, is accused of raping a woman in Silver Spring on August 24.

But that’s not the full story. According to Maryland court records, Adebusuyi was arrested almost exactly one year ago on similar rape and assault charges. He was charged with three counts of sexual assault, kidnapping, and one count of second-degree assault on August 28, 2018, in Montgomery County, according to Maryland court records. However, local media is reporting that the victim did not want to pursue charges, so the county dropped the case.

Sadly, this happens all the time throughout the country as more and more violent criminals get released back on the streets. But this is where his immigration status makes all the difference. How on earth can someone who is here illegally get arrested on rape charges – whether he is convicted or not – and not be immediately turned over to ICE? How is it that a citizenship question is not standard during arrest? I am asked all the time if I’m a citizen of the United States when interacting with much less consequential functions of government and the private sector. Our laws are designed to ensure no illegal alien can be shielded from detection, much less one who actually comes into law enforcement custody on rape charges. By definition, that means that this alleged subsequent rape was 100 percent avoidable.

It’s truly hard to imagine a more profound display of anarchy that needlessly endangers public safety than states refusing to abide by an unquestionable federal power in order to shield other countries’ sex offenders and serious criminals from detection. In August, ICE arrested a convicted child sex offender who was released multiple times by Boulder County, ColoradoOregon has also let out criminal aliens charged with child sex offenses, against ICE detainers. Mecklenberg County, North Carolina, has released numerous violent offenders, including Oscar Pacheco-Leonardo, who was arrested on first-degree rape of a minor. In total, sanctuary jurisdictions in the Tarheel State released nearly 500 criminal aliens over the past 10 months in violation of ICE detainers.

The bottom line is that with the increasingly lenient criminal justice system, there are six ways from Sunday for even the worst offenders to escape justice. This is where immigration policing is so important, because we shouldn’t have to be on the hook for repeat crimes by illegal aliens. They should be removed from the country upon their first arrest. Local law enforcement that is constantly dealing with repeat offenders should relish the opportunity to get rid of other countries’ criminals.

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