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Louie Gohmert slams FBI for refusing to investigate Imran Awan [Video]

Conservative Review

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, made a speech in the House on Tuesday berating the FBI for failing to investigate Imran Awan, a Pakistani congressional IT worker who has worked for one in five House Democrats.

Gohmert detailed Awan’s crimes, including sending nearly $100,000 to family members in Pakistan from a loan Awan got using a false statement. Awan is being indicted for the false statement.

Gohmert charged that the FBI does not even want to receive evidence about other crimes Awan may have committed by falsifying IT invoices.

The congressman revealed that during an informal hearing containing “testimony about this matter … [Awan] was bragging to people about all the iPhones and iPads he was sending to Pakistan.”

“The FBI has had opportunities to have those invoices presented to them, and each time, they have instructed, ‘Don’t bring any of those documents; we don’t want to see any of that, we just want to talk to [him],’” Gohmert said. Instead, the FBI has continued to report “no evidence of anything other than this false statement.”

“They have instructed, ‘We don’t want to see the documents that proved those cases.’ They’re readily available, for any federal officer that wants to see them, but [the FBI] don’t want to see them, so they can keep reporting to the new U.S. attorney that there’s no evidence, nothing there,” Gohmert said.

“For heaven’s sake, we need somebody in the FBI to step up and do their job,” he said.

Gohmert concluded by asking Congress to appoint someone to oversee the investigation of Imran Awan.

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