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Luther Strange vs Roy Moore on national security & foreign policy

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Alabamians will vote Tuesday to determine whether Judge Roy Moore or Sen. Luther Strange will represent the Republican ticket for the special Senate election in December.

Not surprisingly, the debate over who the best candidate is to take Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions’ old seat has been primarily focused on domestic issues important to Alabama’s voters. However, a U.S. Senator also plays an important role in crafting foreign policy, through powers designated to the congressional body in the Constitution.

Therefore, it’s important to highlight where Strange (the party-establishment favorite) and Moore stand on the national security and foreign policy issues of the day.

Radical Islam

Moore recently described Islam in its entirety as a “false religion” that preaches the complete “opposite with what our First Amendment stands for.”

“Islamic law is simply incompatible with our law,” Moore wrote in a 2006 article for World Net Daily, stating that the Koran and its embedded philosophy is “directly contrary to the principles of the Constitution.”

Strange has spoken about the need to fight “radical Islamic terrorism” and “the evil ideology of Islamic extremism.”


Moore is a graduate of West Point Academy and served in the Vietnam War. He has called for more funding to “be available to develop a missile defense system and to provide our Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, and Coast Guard with the most modern technology including weapon systems.”

Strange has echoed calls to bolster the U.S. military. He said “our first priority must be to ensure the readiness of our military.”

President Trump has decided to ban military recruits who identify as transgender, stirring a nationwide debate over how to best staff the American military.

Moore sees the potential inclusion of transgender soldiers in the military as “something that will actually decimate the morale of the military.”

Sen. Strange agrees with Trump’s decision, describing the U.S. military as “no place for social experiments.”

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