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Malkin scorches Trump UN speech critics and blasts Jimmy Kimmel

Conservative Review

On Wednesday evening, Michelle Malkin joined Sean Hannity on his Fox News show to react to President Trump’s speech to the U.N.

Malkin opened a salvo against the leftist criticisms of Trump’s speech, ripping into the mainstream media commentators who labeled Trump’s speech “dark and dangerous.”

“The themes that were hammered by President Trump of sovereignty, security, and prosperity are somehow perceived in the warped minds of all of these liberal commentators gnashing their teeth as ‘dark and dangerous,’ while they ignore all the dark and dangerous evil that is looming in Iran and North Korea and Venezuela,” a fiery Malkin said.

“President Trump’s message on Venezuela was extremely strong,” she continued. “And you never hear those leftists on those other channels ever talk about the repression and the consequences of socialism on those people and the ‘dark and dangerous’ influence of that.”

“What do they want out of a so-called commander-in-chief? They want Hillary Clinton there — Ms. Pay-for-Play foreign policy, Ms. Crony Socialism herself — to be doing the same usual litany of genuflection, capitulation, and then rinse and then repeat with — toothless sanctions is the only thing they ever wave as their threat against these existential threats to America and the world!”

Wow, ladies and gentlemen, Michelle Malkin will always tell you what she really thinks! But she wasn’t done yet.

Next, Hannity asked Malkin about the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare partial “repeal” bill. Malkin related how Obamacare has affected her personally — cancelling three of her family’s health insurance plans — and then shared a message for Jimmy Kimmel, who is blasting opponents of Obamacare for lacking compassion for the sick.

“And what I have to say to Jimmy Kimmel and celebrities like him is: How dare you tell us, just because we have a different point of view and a different perspective on what the best delivery mechanism is for health care, that we have no compassion, that we’re the cruel ones, that we’re heartless.”

“I’m sick of that,” Malkin finished.

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