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Mark Levin eviscerates the progressive so-called constitutional scholars pushing impeachment 'propaganda'

Conservative Review

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin eviscerated the progressive so-called constitutional scholars testifying on impeaching President Donald Trump to the House Judiciary Committee.

"Four witnesses who witnessed nothing, again," Levin said. Levin praised Jonathan Turley's performance while heavily criticizing the other three witnesses, leftist anti-Trump law professors.

"All three of these professors were pretentious, condescending, and arrogant," Levin said. "We're told they have the highest regard in academia. Who cares? Academia is one of the last safe harbors for the Soviet, Maoist, Leninist Left."


"We didn't get a history lesson, we didn't get a constitutional lesson from these three radical progressive professors. We got propaganda. Propaganda. We got an op-ed. We might as well have the editorial writers for all the 300 left-wing newspapers who early on attacked President Trump, they might as well testify about freedom of the press. Or maybe we can get three illegal aliens to testify about how horrible Trump has been about securing the border."

"This is nothing more than a Democrat Party show trial," Levin said.

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