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Mark Levin: GOP ‘dunderheads’ have screwed up tax reform

Conservative Review

Monday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin once again railed against the wholly inadequate Republican tax reform plan.

“I want the House bill to fail, and I want the Senate bill to fail,” Levin said. “These are not serious tax cuts. It’s not serious tax reform.”


Levin criticized the plan because it is not an across-the-board tax cut for every American.

“Individuals … are to subsidize the tax cuts for the corporations,” Levin said, making sure to note he is wholly in favor of corporate tax cuts as well. “$1.5 trillion in tax cuts over a period of years — $300 billion of which essentially are on the individual side, $1.2 trillion on the corporate side. That is preposterous!”

Levin feels that passing this tax bill would be a major setback for President Trump and for conservatives.

“I understand that this would be a political setback for the president. But I’m not interested in political setbacks, political progress, political this, political that — the president should get involved in it directly. The president should control this process the way Reagan did. If you leave it to these dunderheads, these knuckleheads in Congress, this is what you get.”

“My fear is that if it does pass, either of the [House or Senate] plans, that will be an enormous setback for the Republican Party and conservatives generally.”

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