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Mark Levin lambasts 'demagogue' California progressives who are nullifying federal immigration law

Conservative Review

On Wednesday, LevinTV host Mark Levin lambasted California state officials who work to nullify federal immigration law to push their radical, progressive, open-borders agenda.

Earlier that day, Governor Jerry Brown, D-Calif., accused President Trump of "initiating a reign of terror" against illegal immigrants after Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit against three state laws that impede federal immigration law enforcement. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, D, attempted to argue that the Tenth Amendment gives California the right to ignore federal immigration law.

Levin, a constitutional expert, explained that the federal government has an exclusive power over immigration that the states cannot nullify.


"What Mr. Becerra seems to be saying is, 'We progressives can do whatever we want. We can defy federal law if it's in the name of progressivism. We will wrap ourselves in the Constitution if we think we can make the argument for progressivism. We will burn the Constitution, and we will burn American history, if we think it will advance progressivism,'" Levin said.

"How do these people live with themselves? They know they're liars, they know they're deceitful, they know they have no integrity whatsoever! How do they live with themselves? Well, how does any autocrat live with himself?!"

Levin heavily criticized "moron" Gov. Jerry Brown for suggesting that illegal immigrants are the "engine" of the American economy, not American citizens who go to work, pay taxes, and follow the law.

"I am so sick and tired of these damn demagogue politicians, you have no idea!" Levin exclaimed.

"The endless put-down of the American citizen is disgusting!"

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