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Meet the party that saved the UK from a full-blown Marxist

Conservative Review

On Thursday, the United Kingdom came dangerously close to electing an anti-Semitic, terrorist-supporting Marxist as its next prime minister. Had it not been for Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), Great Britain would have been in jeopardy of having Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn as the prime minister of America’s closest ally.

Having won 10 seats in the British Parliament (with 1.5 percent of the vote), the DUP brokered a deal late into the night to join forces with Theresa May’s Conservative Party (which took 318 seats) to accumulate enough seats in parliament to form a ruling coalition government in the United Kingdom. In Britain’s parliamentary system, a party (or a coalition of parties) requires 326 seats for its leader to become prime minister.

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