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Meet the party that saved the UK from a full-blown Marxist

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On Thursday, the United Kingdom came dangerously close to electing an anti-Semitic, terrorist-supporting Marxist as its next prime minister. Had it not been for Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), Great Britain would have been in jeopardy of having Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn as the prime minister of America’s closest ally.

Having won 10 seats in the British Parliament (with 1.5 percent of the vote), the DUP brokered a deal late into the night to join forces with Theresa May’s Conservative Party (which took 318 seats) to accumulate enough seats in parliament to form a ruling coalition government in the United Kingdom. In Britain’s parliamentary system, a party (or a coalition of parties) requires 326 seats for its leader to become prime minister.

Corbyn’s Labour Party acquired 261 of 650 seats, but could have ruled in a coalition with Britain’s Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party, and others had the DUP not joined forces with May’s Tories.

“Our two parties have enjoyed a strong relationship over many years, and this gives me the confidence to believe that we will be able to work together in the interests of the whole United Kingdom,” PM May said Friday.

If the Tories and DUP had failed to join forces, we very well could be staring at “Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn.”

Corbyn is an avowed supporter of the Islamic terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas. He supports the brutal, socialist regime in Venezuela. And he made several appearances on Iran’s state-run Press TV (which had its broadcast license revoked in the U.K.).

The Labour leader has long been accused of promoting anti-Semitism to curry favor with the British hard-left and his Islamist constituents, and has been described as a “neo-Marxist,” having praised communist dictators and advocated for their policies.

The razor-thin victory margin has caused some conservative Brits to call into question Theresa May’s leadership over the Tory party. Had she not called “snap” elections, May would not have had to deal with a general election until 2020. She has received intense criticism and will undoubtedly continue to face many questions regarding her role as party leader.

All the same, here’s what we know about the Northern Irish party that came through for the Conservatives and saved Britain from far-left radicals.

The Democratic Unionist Party can be accurately summarized as a populist-nationalist, pro-union, socially conservative party.

Per the U.K. Mirror, party leader Arlene Foster and the DUP ran on a five-point plan based on 10 elements:

"1. More jobs and rising incomes 2. A world class health service 3. Education – every child the opportunity to succeed 4. Rebuilding Northern Ireland 5. Rewarding hard work 6. Safer streets and smarter justice 7. Creating stronger communities 8. A friend of the farmer and our natural heritage 9. Changing politics and government in Northern Ireland 10. Taking pride in Northern Ireland."

DUP supports the increase in welfare spending, and an economy that seeks to boost domestic exports and tourism.

On foreign policy, the DUP encourages an alignment with NATO in the defense of Europe against a “belligerent” Russia. The party supports a British exit from the European Union. Jewish News, Britain’s largest Jewish newspaper, reports that party members “are amongst the staunchest supporters of Israel in the House of Commons.”

A socially conservative group with a biblical focus, DUP has campaigned against abortion and opposes same-sex marriage.

The DUP has been accused of getting cozy with paramilitary groups, but their leaders have rejected the accusation.

They’re not exactly free-market Tea Party warriors, but the DUP helped save one of our closest allies from electing an enemy to everything the West stands for to its top position in government. For that alone, America owes much gratitude to Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.

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