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Mueller is weaponizing unproven DNC & Podesta hack to target POTUS

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More and more evidence continues to pile up that special counsel Robert Mueller is on the warpath to terminate the presidency of Donald Trump, regardless of the fact that there is no evidence of collusion or criminal behavior that would delegitimize his electoral victory.

Mueller is reportedly asking witnesses whether President Trump knew about the alleged state-sponsored hacking of Democratic emails and Clinton campaign chief John Podesta during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The revelation, first reported by NBC News, may disturb supporters of the president who perceive the Mueller probe as a political witch-hunt against the president.

The report claims Mueller is asking witnesses “whether Trump himself knew then that Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta … had already been targeted.”

The NBC report continues:

“They were also asked if Trump was advised to make the statement about Clinton's emails from someone outside his campaign, and if the witnesses had reason to believe Trump tried to coordinate the release of the DNC emails to do the most damage to Clinton.”

Reached for comment by NBC, John Podesta added:

“In 2016, the hack of my emails was often treated as a politically interesting event. For the record, it was a crime. Glad Mueller is trying to get to the bottom of everyone involved in that crime."

There’s a major issue with the premise that’s being put forward by Mueller and his team of Democrat prosecutors.

They are assuming – or happily advancing the unproven narrative – that the Russian government did indeed hack John Podesta’s emails and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

We do know that John Podesta fell for an amateur phishing scam, one that could have been pulled off by a single individual without the need for government backing. According to documents released by WikiLeaks, John Podesta was never actually hacked. Instead, he fell for a scam and gave away his password.

The DNC “hack” followed a similar pattern of amateur behavior. President Obama even admitted that the methodology that exposed Democrats’ emails was “not particularly sophisticated.”

It’s also important to remember that the FBI was not granted access to the DNC’s servers. Instead, the Clinton-controlled DNC brought in the Clinton-connected Crowdstrike, a third-party contractor, to assess the damage. It was Crowdstrike that concluded that the DNC was hacked. The Obama intelligence community then made its assessment (that foreign hackers had infiltrated the DNC) based on the data they were provided by Crowdstrike.

Currently, the DNC is blocking all efforts to hold it accountable and transparent. The organization recently refused requests to release evidence proving its assertion that the Russians hacked its servers.

Before Mueller goes face-to-face with the president and demands to know what he knew and when he first knew it, the special counsel chief may want to first confirm whether or not the DNC was actually hacked.

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