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NBC manages to dig up a standard to smack a conservative with

Conservative Review

Chuck Todd demanded something of a conservative on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last weekend that he and his network rarely seem to ask of themselves: a consistent standard.

Erick Erickson was put on the spot to atone for the supposed sins of Rush Limbaugh and others who, in Todd’s view, waxed conspiratorial in the wake of Cesar Sayoc’s alleged mail bombs. And, to be fair, I’m sympathetic to that view in some of its particulars.

But after Erickson similarly acknowledged as much, Todd began frothing at the mouth as if the acknowledgement wasn’t passionate enough. Erickson responded this way: "The problem is in this situation, we have a lot of people who no longer trust the media, they don’t trust institutions, they don’t trust their neighbor. We've gone inward. Unfortunately, I do think it’s gonna be an external threat that brings us together. There is nothing left in this country that unifies us as a whole."

Not bad, but maybe it’s time consider if one of those external threats might ultimately be the media itself. Because to make Erickson answer such a question, in a way that displays such an appalling lack of self-awareness or humility concerning NBC’s own malfeasance index the last few years, is truly a diagnosis of the media’s intention to keep our civic dialogue fractured at all costs.

To sum up, here’s what Chuck Todd has to ignore in order to get all Church Lady-uppity when Erickson basically refused to become a Democrat before his very eyes:

*The perpetual rehiring of Keith Olbermann, who not only has a penchant for his own conspiracy theories involving Trump and Putin but also a long track record of saying things like Michelle Malkin is a “big mashed up piece of meat with lipstick on it” and S.E. Cupp is “a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does.”

*Matt Lauer’s infamous rape dungeon.

*Refusing to publish Ronan Farrow’s revelation about Harvey Weinstein’s appetite for sex slavery, including threats by company lawyers to come after Farrow if he didn’t back off the story.

*Making Nicolle Wallace its cover girl of the week after she proudly admitted that her advice to Jeb Bush during the 2016 presidential campaign was to punch Donald Trump in the face.

*Propping up Joy Reid’s lies that her social media accounts were hacked in order to protect her from past statements about gays that would get conservatives hanged by NBC.

*NBC still employs the notorious liar-turned-hilarious meme Brian Williams.

*And most recently, the network buried evidence that would have supported the cause of Brett Kavanaugh’s innocence and has given unnumbered uncritical television appearances to Michael Avenetti, whom Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has referred for criminal investigation for making false statements to Congress and obstruct its investigation.

But sure, let’s haze Erickson for the sins of others. Because infotainment. Because tribalism. Because pro wrestling. Because of anything other than honest analysis or real debate that might actually help heal our national dialog.

It’s all evidence that healing isn’t remotely on NBC’s radar as a goal as much as revolution and iconoclasm is. The leftists want their way, and they fully plan on breaking things to get it — the truth, context, or propriety be damned.

Erickson was basically asked to take responsibility for the actions of others, while NBC never takes responsibility for what’s going on in its own backyard, because he is viewed by Chuck Todd as a foreign agent, not a fellow American.

I think much of what the political Right refers to as "media bias" is an anachronism that harks back to a time when our country’s Venn diagram was much healthier than it is now. Although we weren’t as honest with each other as we should have been back then, we hated each other much less.

If we are honest with ourselves now, though, most of mainstream journalism and all of progressive journalism are simply broadcasting to and from a foreign country. The America of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and their clear Judeo-Christian underpinnings are not the target audience. Sadly, it seems to be their target.

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