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New ad goes after ‘hypocrite’ Bob Menendez over believing Kavanaugh accusers

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Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is being called a hypocrite over his professed belief of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers in a new campaign ad for his Republican Senate opponent, Bob Hugin.

“What about the underage girls who accused you?” the ad asks Menendez, regarding allegations of sex with minor-aged prostitutes overseas.

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The video, titled “Hypocrisy,” refers back to the claims that were first reported in 2012 and were associated with the Democratic senator’s corruption trial, which came to an end last year when a deadlocked jury led to a mistrial.

But even though Menendez was not convicted, taking the stance that accusations of sexual misconduct should be believed without corroborating evidence is a really bad look when the person saying it was accused of soliciting underage prostitution in a massive corruption case.

“For several years Senator Menendez had been traveling to the Dominican Republic to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes — some of whom were minors,” reads a portion of an Obama-era FBI affidavit on screen during the video.

The ad also points out how Menendez’s attorneys at one point said that the alleged activity “would hardly be a federal crime.”

The trial has unquestionably had a negative effect on Menendez’s campaign. A recent poll showed him and Hugin in a dead heat, well within the margin of error.

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