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If we do not stand for life, we stand for nothing

Conservative Review

Some say they are pro-life, but then equivocate on certain life. In doing so, they commit further injustice and reject the individual right to life.

This nation has gone way too far on abortion, and we are now witnessing America passing stricter laws regulating abortion because the people’s collective conscience has finally had enough. Pro-aborts have been trained to believe and stand up for a “woman’s right” that doesn’t exist. The barbaric ritual performed in clinics across this nation has never been about empowering women or giving them choices. Abortion has always been about destroying what is good.

What else do you call the force of evil? Evil sets out to destroy what is good.

This week’s abortion ban in Alabama has some reeling because of its totality. Pat Robertson said it went too far. Though the man is against abortion, he believes this particular ban will not do what he and others want, which is to ultimately fight to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Others wish the words “in case of incest or rape” were plugged into the ban, so that the most controversial and sensitive circumstances of conception and childbirth could be exempted from the totality of the ban.

But it’s not OK to kill an innocent life sometimes, under certain circumstances.

At this time in the political arena, the Left is pushing farther and farther toward claiming to be defenders the Constitution and the purveyors of morality. Their own brazen advocacy of abortion up until birth proves them wrong, because abortion is unequivocally immoral.

The focus ought to be on the innocent life: A person is a person, whether born or unborn. This nation must once again decide whether all innocent life has value and stop the dehumanization of certain human beings.

We must stand in agreement that Roe v. Wade is not constitutional law. There is no right to privacy in the Constitution, and no woman has the right to take the life of another.

We must acknowledge that the child is an individual, growing within the mother, whose very growth means it is a human life. We must stand to protect that defenseless life so that we can stand without hypocrisy for the individual rights guaranteed in our Founding.

As Abraham Lincoln said of the meaning of the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This was their majestic interpretation of the economy of the Universe. This was their lofty, and wise, and noble understanding of the justice of the Creator to His creatures. Yes, gentlemen, to all His creatures, to the whole great family of man. In their enlightened belief, nothing stamped with the Divine image and likeness was sent into the world to be trodden on, and degraded, and imbruted by its fellows. They grasped not only the whole race of man then living, but they reached forward and seized upon the farthest posterity. They erected a beacon to guide their children and their children's children, and the countless myriads who should inhabit the earth in other ages.

If we continue to allow abortion advocates to characterize an unborn life as less than human, as akin to a tumor, nobody is safe. We must decide whether human life has value. We must acknowledge that life begins at conception, and we must advocate for the protection of innocent life at all stages.

From the moment of conception until natural death, we must advocate for the right to life in this nation, the last, best hope of mankind.

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