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Who our open border hurts most: It's not who you think

Conservative Review

Unlike gun laws, which wouldn’t stop any of these mass murders, simply enforcing existing immigration law would end the crime wave from criminal illegal aliens. The tragic results of allowing criminal aliens to get into our country and remain undetected are borne most evidently by Hispanics in America and in Mexico who suffer from the cartels, empowered by our open border.

When an estimated two million illegal aliens with criminal records get to remain in the country and are not deported, who is harmed the most?

When our border agents are drawn off dealing with Central American families scamming our asylum system (0 of 1,155 recent cases qualified for asylum), allowing the cartels to bring in gangs, criminals, and previously deported sex offenders, who is hurt most by that?

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 78.1 percent of homicides are committed against non-strangers. In other words, most murderers kill those they know. Harboring criminal Hispanic aliens certainly hurts all demographics, but Hispanic communities are most harmed. This is especially true of the child sex offense epidemic among illegal immigrants.

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