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Watch: Slickster Paul Ryan Wants to Choose GOP Nominee

Conservative Review


In high school, Paul Ryan was voted Prom King and Biggest Brown Noser in his class.

Now it looks like he wants to sashay and brown nose his way into the GOP presidential nomination without having to lift a finger to earn it.

GOP party bosses like loser John Boehner and Utah Big Government Republican Sen. Orrin Hack, I mean, Hatch, are talking up Ryan as the only one who can unite the party at a brokered convention.

Guess who else is talking up Paul Ryan? You guessed it…Prom King Brown Noser Paul Ryan! His taxpayer-funded congressional office released a slick ad last week excerpting the White Knight Savior Healer Uniter Future Peace Prize Winner speech he delivered in D.C. in March.

So, let’s talk about slickster Paul Ryan’s Great Big Healing Conservative Ideas.

  1. Prom King Brown Noser Paul Ryan has voted for every federal government bailout under Bush and Obama – AIG, auto, TARP, and most recently the $8 billion highway bailout bill.
  2. Prom King Brown Noser Paul Ryan voted for reauthorization of the intrusive No Child Left Behind federal education bill and its massive replacement, the Every Student Succeeds Act, which doubles down on Common Core-style student data mining and testing…and expands the feds’ role in preschool, civics, and “family engagement.” 

  3. Prom King Brown Noser Paul Ryan is Barack Obama’s Santa Claus – handing the White House and Democrats victories on busting budget caps, raising the debt ceiling, fully funding the reckless refugee resettlement racket, quadrupling H-2B visas for Big Business, and paving the way for the 5,500-page Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, which transfers power away from Congress and the American people to an unaccountable global regulatory commission.

  4. Prom King Brown Noser Paul Ryan is Amnesty Wonder Twins with radical social justice warrior Luis Guiterrez, the Democrat congressman from Chicago. They went on an open-borders road trip together in 2014, singing each other’s praises as they jointly pushed Gang of Eight liberal immigration policies with their special interest puppetmasters behind closed doors.

  5. Prom King Brown Noser Paul Ryan has been groomed for decades by open-borders operatives in Washington. He was mentored from the age of 19 by Cesar Conda, former chief of staff to K Street lobbyist Spencer Abraham, the disgraced GOP Michigan senator who was booted from office in 2000 by voters disgusted with his relentless sabotage of immigration enforcement and undermining of American workers. Ryan followed in Abraham and Conda’s pro-amnesty footsteps, working to kill key immigration enforcement measures in the 1996 immigration reform bill when he worked former Sen. Sam Brownback’s legislative director. Ryan supported George W. Bush and Karl Rove’s amnesty plan in 2006-2007. His mentor Conda went on to serve as chief of staff to immigration turncoat and fellow Gang of Eight stooge Marco Rubio.

  6. Prom King Brown Noser Paul Ryan earns a big fat F on his immigration record from NumbersUSA and a big fat F from Conservative Review on his Liberty Score®.

  7. While the GOP party bosses talk up Paul Ryan for president, the revolt in his own backyard is underway. Ryan’s got a challenger in his congressional district – small business owner, manufacturer, inventor Paul Nehlen—who is calling out Ryan’s betrayal of American workers, taxpayers, and citizens.

I'm confident America will unite against any attempt to install another pretentious big government open borders healer in the White House.

We've been there, done that, the past 8 years.

Paaul Ryan is an echo, not a choice.

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