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Prejudice is alive and well in the Democrat Party

Conservative Review

Nancy Pelosi gave reporters a word origin lesson, saying that she used the term “hysterical” to describe the demeanor of Judge Kavanaugh during the recent hearing for his confirmation to purposely point out that the term comes from the same roots as hysterectomy and “is a word that is identified with women being very emotional.”

Thanks, Nance. I have another word origin game for you.

The word “prejudice” comes from the Latin words “prae” and “judicium,” which mean “in advance” and “of judgement,” respectively.

When I grew up during the 1980s, the term meant allowing a preconceived notion to affect the way I treated people. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” was a warning against prejudice. The song “We Are the World” played at the ice rink and on the radio during a time when we were all told to be careful not to prejudge people because of the color of their skin, or where they came from, or because they were gay or of a different religion. So because the culture was saturated as far back as the 1980s with warnings against prejudice, most of us middle-aged folk can detect it and are clear that it ain’t a good thing.

We got it then; we get it now, so much so that it’s clear that the Democrat Party used every preconceived notion against Brett Kavanaugh to inflame its prejudiced base.

First, their prejudice was about his thoughts on overturning Roe v. Wade. He said that he understood the importance of precedent. They were unsatisfied with that answer and took part in media speculation that he would usher in a “Handmaid’s Tale” scenario.

Second, their prejudice was about his privilege, because his mother was a judge and his father was a lawyer. Third, that his work with Ken Starr must also mean he hated the Clintons. Fourth, that he was a frat boy, and goodness knows everyone hates frat boys.

Then an accusation came that he attempted to rape a girl of 15 while he was in high school. Without waiting for evidence, the Left jumped to the woman’s defense for no other reason than because she was a woman and he was a judicial nominee from a Republican president. The Democrat prejudice shone bright. By that time, the prejudice of the Democrat base was being exploited in high gear. The prejudice festered when Kavanaugh defended himself and his family, and the whole thing became one of the most memorable political spectacles many have ever seen. People immediately recalled the book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and the people of this nation saw the injustice for what it was.

And then the Democrats said he shouldn’t have seemed angry while vehemently defending himself, and that alone was cause for alarm. “Hysterical.” You know, like a woman!

There is no difference between people of today trying to hold all white people responsible for the slavery of black people in the past and the women of today trying to hold all men responsible for what was done to women in the past. But what does it say about the Democrat base that this immediate and unrelenting application of prejudice works on them?

The appalling ways in which the Democrat Party has been grabbing for power are a national disgrace. Mothers of boys, wives of husbands, and daughters of good men are seething mad about what has happened here. And it’s a result of the Democrat Party taking the position that women should be unquestioningly believed, without scrutiny, when they accuse a man of sexual assault. The entire premise is prejudiced against men — especially white men, especially white well-to-do men, especially white, privileged Republican men.

Most American people, God love them, hate to see injustice. And it’s because of that innate belief in truth, justice, and the American way that Americans reject this sort of behavior by the Democrat Party and all its tentacles.

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