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Republicans, where are your flag pins?

Conservative Review

A friend recently told me that after a week in Washington, D.C., talking to congressmen and women of both parties, the absence of flag lapel pins infuriated him.

Though some would argue that a pin’s absence does not reflect the true hearts of those in Congress, wearing the flag pin over the heart is a statement of where your allegiance lies.

Here we are, in a most consequential time in our nation’s history, at the precipice of deciding what our nation’s government will be in the future. We are deciding whether to continue with the grand experiment in which American mankind is free to choose his happiness, or whether people who believe themselves to be his betters will choose it for him. We are deciding whether our nation under God will become a nation without God. We are deciding whether America exists as close to its Founding as possible, or whether we join the rest of history in destroying a nation founded on Divine Providence, causing her to become a memory.

What significance can a simple lapel pin offer?

Congresspeople, especially Republicans, at this time, must know there are forces within their own ranks and on the other side of the aisle that do not espouse true patriotism. It is worse than that when Democrats unabashedly desecrate the righteousness of the founding of this nation, complain that it has never been a great country, and fight against the goodness it has produced in their search for a Utopia that falls far short – and does not and cannot exist. Though it seems insignificant to some, remember we have fought the battle of the flag pin in the run-up to the Obama presidency.

President Obama discontinued wearing his flag pin before his presidency, stating that was a substitute for “true patriotism.” Obviously, removing the flag because of your opinion of others’ behavior does not change the fact that the symbol still means you love your country. But President Obama did not love our country; as he notoriously stated, he wanted to fundamentally transform it.

But then, beaten up in the polls on his way to the White House, Obama wore a flag pin to pretend he’s a common patriot in order to appeal to the working class.

Anyone paying attention to politics when Obama did these things noted the BS. He wore the symbol as sheep’s clothing, a pandering gesture, rather than true patriotism. And long before Hillary Clinton called us deplorables, Obama famously called us bitter clingers, clinging to our guns and religion.

Yet today, I ask, where are your flag lapel pins, Republicans?

President Trump and Vice President Pence wear the pins over their hearts. At this time when the president is saying that Republicans have never been more unified, and they definitely need to be, Americans ought to demand that they declare their intent to take this election-season fight right to the core of what is truly happening in this nation, if anyone takes the time to see it on a grand scale.

We are on the cusp of losing the purpose of this nation. The fight brought out in certain Republicans is due almost solely to the strength of a president who fights against the nation’s destroyers.

Perhaps the people of this nation ought to send flag lapel pins to Washington, D.C., to remind their representatives of what they should be fighting for. It is America or not. It is freedom or not. It is liberty or not.

Millions of Americans have hearts bursting with pride for what this nation means to them. The fight is real against those seeking to destroy all that this nation has become.

If I were able to address every Republican congressman and woman, I would say that wearing the symbol over your heart shows you are in solidarity with fellow freedom fighters all across this nation, but especially with the people you represent.

I hope Republicans would understand this gesture and make it a part of their unifying campaign.

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