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RINOs say: You're getting 80%. What we actually get: Crumbs

Conservative Review

RINOs always tell conservatives that we are always wanting more than we can ever get. They tell us that we’re too bold, that we won’t ever get 100 percent of what we want. They say we’re too stuck on Reagan, that Reagan is dead and there will never be another like him.

We are better off getting 80 percent of a loaf, they say, sometimes taking that down to 70 percent, and assure us that way, they will be able to address the rest in an upcoming measure. We’ll fight another day, they say. Conservatives, they tell us, always want 100 percent, when it can never be.

Well, I’ve been thinking about that, and I think conservatives haven’t been getting even a tenth of a loaf for decades now.

RINOs don’t get to tell me what I’ll take. If it wasn’t for conservatives finally swinging to Donald Trump and realizing the horror of a Hillary presidency, none of them would be in charge right now. Until the conservative movement swung to Trump, Hillary was going to win. The polls were right, all signs pointed to Hillary, and there were a lot of late deciders, a lot of people thinking, praying, wrestling with their consciences. The people who ultimately made Donald Trump president of the United States were conservatives of conscience.

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump put forth conservative ideas that got the crowds amped up. Why? Because America is a conservative nation. We know right from wrong and up from down. Yet when big policies are in the works, we are told to take crumbs.

The cesspool dwellers in D.C. think that us morons, us beer-swilling, hypertensive, Miracle Whip-eating, truck-driving, jeans-wearing hoi polloi ought to be happy with what they give us. They talk down to us, but we know exactly what they’re swimming in.

The Democrats don’t want America to succeed at anything; they don’t even approve of America as founded and are constantly apologizing to lesser countries because we even exist. They are the enemy of a free nation, they are an abomination of twisted logic and sleek distributors of lies and deception. And the current crop of Republicans, save a handful, are an insult to the American people because they are doing all the work of the Democrats, listening to the Democrats, trying to get along with the Democrats, and worrying what the Democrat media will say about them.

Yet these RINOs tell us, “We’ll fight another day,” or they say, “Take it out at the ballot box if you don’t like what I’m doing,” and while we’re at it, I guess we are supposed to check out their television ads, where they say they’ll never let us down and they’ll repeal Obamacare and they’ve got our backs? In the end, they have the nerve to claim that 70 percent of a loaf is what we want.

The RINOs are more afraid of the media and the Democrats than they are of the people who voted them in. That’s a fact, and it has to be flipped.

It’s frustrating when you’ve worked to elect someone — and you’ve worked hard because you are a conservative and that’s what conservatives do — and the person you elected acts a fool in Congress. When conservatives confront their RINO congressman or senator, the discussion goes something like this:

American voter: “Why aren’t you voting like you said you would?”

Senator Fink: “Well, look, you gotta understand that it’s hard to get all the things you say are the right way to go; there are a lot of opinions in our caucus, and we have to listen to everyone and fashion policy that way. We can’t just say this is what we want, because everyone there doesn’t think the same way.”

American voter: “So, did you put forth the ideas we discussed?”

Senator Fink: “Well, not exactly, see, Senators Greasepalm and Cheatum have an idea to include all the ideas and I have a feeling most conservatives will be happy with the end product.”

American voter: “Most conservatives?”

Senator Fink: “Well, yes, see, well, you are a great patriot, but not everybody thinks like you do.”

Your RINO representatives think there is a different way to go than the American way. As if on the political spectrum, the patriots ought to get the least amount of attention? What planet are they on?

So there is no getting around it: The people have to change the way elections unfold. We need more citizen legislators with common sense and more contributions of money, time, and effort. RINOs are counting on 2018 to add a bunch more RINOs who won’t do what they say they will in their stupid little ads. Since we don’t have the equivalent of a George Soros on our side raining money from heaven, we all will have to gut it out, as usual, to try to change the elected members of the Republican Party from today’s deceptive progressives to principled American patriots.

Then they can eat the crumbs.

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