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Sorry, Politico 'journalist', Mollie Hemingway is not a Nazi

Conservative Review

Last night, Marc A. Caputo, a reporter with Politico Florida, made one of the most ludicrous claims ever to be uttered on Twitter. Yes, that's saying a lot. He called The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway a Nazi. Why? Because her opinion differed from his.

In response to Donald Trump's meandering, oft-times idiotic, rambling press conference yesterday, Hemingway tweeted:

That is a true statement. Those on the Left and in the media undertook a campaign to glorify Antifa over the past few days as being morally superior to other repugnant groups, mainly because they fight those other groups. Antifa is a violent leftist group that got its start in 1930s Germany as the paramilitary wing of the German Communist Party. Its adherents are as repugnant as Nazis. European communists, both at home and through the exportation of the violent ideology, are responsible for the deaths of 100 million people or more.

People who fly Soviet flags as they attack other Americans are not morally superior to those they attack. They are equally repugnant.

Enter Marc A. Caputo.

Way to elevate the conversation, big guy.

Confronted with the fact that he placed a target for the violent Leftists on Hemingway's back, Caputo disagreed vehemently.

Yet that is exactly what Caputo did. There is an ongoing campaign by the Left, both violent and non-violent, to destroy the lives of anyone who disagrees with them. Calling Hemingway a Nazi feeds into that, and Caputo knows it.

Caputo, of course, is no stranger to playing the part of a good leftist. Caputo has a history of outrageous claims against conservatives, as one of his targets, Conservative Review contributing editor Dan Bongino, reminds us of on Twitter.

A Florida political blogger has outlined some of Caputo's most egregious statements against those he disagrees with.

After the past couple of weeks, as Caputo publicly mocked a Bush operative who is actively battling leukemia, while labeling another one a homosexual sex slave, it’s time to make the call. My conclusion: Tone it down a notch, Marc.

Caputo has obviously not toned down his outlandish Twitter rhetoric. Calling Mollie Hemingway a Nazi is the latest in a long line of smears from yet another leftist who likes to play at being an "objective" journalist.

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