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This was Merkel's face when Trump mentioned 'Islamic Terrorism'

Conservative Review

The meeting between President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel Friday was fraught with prepackaged statements, minor barbs, and some telling body language.

During a mostly cordial joint press conference in the White House East room – and just hours after getting turned down for a handshake in front of photographers – Merkel appeared to betray her inner thoughts in front of the press with a silent gesture at the mention of “radical Islamic terrorism” from Trump.

Merkel is, of course, the same world leader who has overseen over 18 months of chaos since she threw the doors open to mass migration from the Middle East in Sept. 2015.

The number of things that have happened to her own country Frau Merkel ought to be shaking her head at are far too long to list at this point. The admission that both the U.S. and German governments have a duty to defend their citizens from jihadist terror isn’t one of them.

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