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The 5 worst leftist reactions to Hurricane Harvey

Conservative Review

Houston, Texas, suffered the disastrous effects of a once-in-500-years storm this week. At least 28 people were killed in the widespread and unprecedented flooding. Rainfall records were smashed. Tens of thousands of people were evacuated from their homes.

Yet in the face of such devastation, the noble acts of many Americans helping their friends and neighbors survive, rescuing those in need, united the country and reminded us that Americans are still good and decent.

Opportunistic leftists almost ruined it all. You have to go really low to try to use a disaster like Hurricane Harvey to score cheap political points, but the Left sank to the occasion no fewer than five times this week.

1) Tampa Bay Professor says Texas deserved the hurricane

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, progressives gave several shameful hot takes on Twitter, saying that Texas deserved the hurricane because it’s a red state, or that they wouldn’t donate to hurricane relief efforts because their money might help a Trump supporter.

Arguably the worst tweet, or at least the most infamous, came from a University of Tampa visiting professor of sociology, Kenneth L. Storey, who suggested that Texas deserved the devastating floods because it went for Trump in the 2016 election.

“I don’t believe in instant Karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas. Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesn’t care about them,” Storey tweeted. The professor may have since deleted his tweets, but the internet is forever:

He was deservedly fired.

2) Progressive magazine Slate: “Houston doesn’t showcase America at its best”

The people of the United States are great. The inspiring heroism of everyday Americans coming out to rescue their friends, neighbors, and strangers from the flooding testifies to that.

But an America where Americans are united, one where people help each other regardless of race or sex or class because it’s the right thing to do, undermines the leftist narrative of America as a country of hateful oppression. So naturally the liberals over as Slate ran an article with the headline, “Houston doesn’t showcase America at its best.”

Here’s a bit of the column, by Katy Waldman, to give you a taste of how much progressives hate America:

The point here is obviously not to diminish the bighearted men and women who rose to the occasion when Harvey, a “once-in-a-lifetime” storm with a spiraling death toll, slammed into Texas. But it is misleading to characterize Houston as an exhibition of the “best of America” when what it represents is a contingent America, a “paradise” specific to the “hell” around it. These waterlogged suburbs have become zones of exemption, where norms hang suspended and something lovelier and more communal has been allowed to flourish in their place. Disaster scientists have repeatedly punctured the myth, perpetuated by Hollywood and the media, that cataclysm awakens our worst selves. Rather, disruptive events loosen our mores just enough to permit new kinds of compassion.

The backlash to this article forced Slate to rename the piece, “Why It’s Misleading to Say That Houston Showcases ‘America at Its Best.’”

But look:

There is nothing misleading about that. That is America at her best whether the progressives like it or not.

3) Politico cartoonist shows complete contempt for Texas conservatives

The absolute contempt liberal elites in the mainstream media have for ordinary Americans and conservatives was one of the key factors in the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

Politico cartoonist Matt Wuerker managed to wrap all that contempt into one shameful cartoon:

In one fell swoop, Wuerker managed to stereotype Texans, mock Christians, insinuate Houston is a hotbed of secessionist Confederates, and pretend the government is the only entity conducting rescue efforts, ignoring all the ordinary volunteers and American heroes.

CR’s Rob Eno tore into Politico’s cartoon on his Wednesday Facebook Live:

Politico eventually deleted its tweet of the cartoon, after a wave of angry backlash.

4) Nitpicking media goes after Melania Trump’s shoes

President Trump, by all metrics, did an excellent job responding to the hurricane. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, R, has rated Trump’s performance and the federal government’s response an “A+.”

But the liberal media is constantly searching for ways to criticize Trump and his family, so on Tuesday the dumbest story of the week was manufactured when the media began to snipe at Melania Trump for allegedly wearing stiletto heels to the disaster area.

Except she didn’t. As Stephen Miller pointed out for Fox News, the first lady walked about 200 feet from the White House Portico to the Marine One helicopter in those shoes, and it inspired an 890-word article in Politico criticizing her footwear. Of course, when the president and first lady arrived in Texas, Melania had changed into appropriate footwear, rendering articles at Slate, The Daily Beast, The New York Times, and Vanity Fair and countless moronic hot takes on Twitter irrelevant.

The media brushes aside the good work President Trump is doing to take Melania Trump to task for her wardrobe. Michelle Obama was never treated like this.

5) Linda Sarsour solicits donations to “Hurricane Relief Fund” that’s actually a Soros-funded PAC

Leftists never let a crisis go to waste. That’s why lead Women’s March organizer and rabid anti-Semite Islamic supremacist Linda Sarsour took the hurricane as an opportunity to boost a George Soros-funded political action committee under the guise of helping hurricane victims.

In a tweet sent Tuesday, Sarsour directed her followers to donate to the “#Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund,” which was not a hurricane relief charity but rather a link to a political action committee called the Texas Organizing Project (TOP). TOP is a spinoff group of the notorious leftist activist organization ACORN.

Now, the Weekly Standard’s Andrew Egger pointed out that TOP has a history of lobbying the government for hurricane relief funds in the aftermath of major storms — but a leftist lobbying group is a far cry from the various disaster charities that are providing immediate relief to people on the ground in Texas. Yet of all those charities doing good work right now, Sarsour pointed potential donors to a political activist organization. Gross.

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