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The audacity of hope: AL voters trust godly values and Roy Moore

Conservative Review

Last night was the fulfillment of the grassroots victory many thought they were getting last November. It is clearly embodied in the nomination of Judge Roy Moore for Senate in Alabama.

It’s hard to overstate the enormity of what happened in the Yellowhammer State. A sitting Republican Senator who had the support of a sitting Republican president was defeated in a primary. Any victory against an incumbent in a primary is exceedingly rare, but for Moore to win with 63 of 67 counties, despite the party’s and the president’s support of his opponent, Luther Strange, and despite a one-sided air war worth a fortune per vote, is unprecedented. It is also providential.

A vote for what Moore stands for — not just against Mitch McConnell

Media pundits on the Left and pseudo-right will chalk this up to a humdrum vote of frustration against the establishment. But it’s so much more than that. This was a vote for Judge Roy Moore and what he represents. Yes, what he represents is the antithesis of what the political establishment exists for, which makes the victory a double triumph for the grassroots.

This was also about years’ worth of GOP mistreatment of cultural conservatives in the face of a one-sided war perpetrated by cultural Marxists. Casual pundits have forgotten that this race really started last year, long before anyone knew there would be a vacant Senate seat. It started when Moore took a courageous stand for the second time against judicial tyranny and the redefinition of marriage. The political establishment in Alabama did nothing to fight for him against a rogue committee that violated state law to remove him from the bench. On a national level, other than yours truly and Steve Deace (listen to my podcast with Moore), very few conservatives spoke out as they did during his first fight for the Ten Commandments in 2003.

Cultural Marxism and judicial supremacy have been crowned the law of the land by the political establishment on the Right. But the people of Alabama were appalled at the treatment of Moore and, even more importantly, at the truculent onslaught of cultural Marxism, completely unanswered by Republicans who run every year as pro-marriage, pro-life, and against legislating from the bench.

This is why the instant Moore announced his candidacy, he was the front-runner and remained so throughout the race — long before this became a proxy war against Mitch McConnell and the establishment. Alabamians voted for Roy Moore, for America’s founding values, for true adherence to constitutional originalism. It was McConnell and Co. who made this an “anti-race” by running a relentlessly negative campaign against those values.

Traditional conservatism built upon God and the Constitution is still what GOP voters want

It took 2.5 years of appalling silence since Obergefell and the commencement of the Rainbow Jihad for traditional constitutional conservatives to finally fight back. Now they will likely get their man in the Senate. They want a man who will fight the courts, fight the obsessive transgenderism, and not cower in the corner from a vocal minority of mischief-makers.

But what started with social conservatism didn’t end there. The three-legged stool of conservatism is really built upon adherence to God’s law and the Constitution. The GOP openly ditched one leg of the stool a decade ago, but despite its lip service to the other two, we always knew that fiscal and national security conservatism could not stand without a foundation. Sure enough, fiscal conservatism and national security conservatism are now completely out of favor in the establishment as well.

Republican voters want representatives for whom God and the Constitution are not talking points to win their votes but a way of life. This is what we all used to want in our elected Republicans. Then we got scared to run on these beliefs publicly, but extolled those virtues privately. Now the clickservative world has open disdain for those values. And voters rebelled against that by casting an affirmative vote for the values that people inside certain zip codes, the clickservative media, and the Republican legal profession have long ago scorned.

Yes, GOP voters want a fighter and a steel spine against the Swamp, but they also want someone who shares their traditional American values and Constitutional principles. They’ve been groping around for a champion and a movement, have been settling for less than ideal choices, and have even become acculturated to low expectations. But when finally offered the real deal, they decided to take it. Even if they can’t articulate it in the abstract, most Republican voters know what they are looking for when they find it.

Every constituency has its champions in Washington, most prominently illegal aliens. But traditional conservatives have been shunned for over a decade. Not any more. Moore is not about some nuanced and aimless brand of populism. He is all about God and the Constitution … and is dead serious about implementing an agenda built upon them.

The war is only beginning

Endless streams of Swamp creatures will swoop in and offer Moore help, money, or their service on his staff. This is where Moore has an opportunity to take things a step further than even Cruz, Lee, and Paul.

While remaining personally polite to McConnell and his crowd, he should stand his ground and launch an independent movement similar to what Bernie Sanders has done on the Left. Don’t take any of their money, don’t hire any of their consultants, pledge to back primary challengers against other incumbents, and hire only proven God-believing constitutionalists. Then launch the revolution that began last November from a Senate office.

Be the one to finally serve as not just the vote but the voice for our causes on every important issue, and grow a grassroots army that is a de facto new party.

Voters did not support an “anti” cause. They are tired of the establishment being “anti” all the supposed values of the party platform. They voted for our timeless principles, championed by a man they believe will actually do whatever it takes to fight for them. Our moment has arrived. And by leading an issue-based campaign inside the Senate and a grassroots army to help other candidates, this movement may finally overcome the 30 years of failure since the Reagan Revolution.

“This is the day that the Lord made; we shall exult and rejoice thereon.” ~Psalms 118:24

Editor's note: Daniel Horowitz has endorsed Roy Moore for Senate from Alabama.

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