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The border invasion intensifies, while congressional Republicans sleep

The border invasion intensifies, while congressional Republicans sleep

There’s nothing as righteous as a Republican Party out of power and in the minority. Yet even in their newfound minority status, seven Republicans managed to join the Democrats in passing a budget bill continuing to fund the invasion at our southern border rather than stopping it. Every single Democrat without exception – including those from more conservative districts who promised to work across the aisle – voted for the Democrat budget bill, which funds international abortions but not border security.

How is it that we have an invasion at our border that single-handedly fueled the drug crisis, created gang and cartel violence in our communities, and burdened us with the crushing fiscal costs, yet Republicans won’t effectively force a national discussion on this issue? Increasingly, drugs are connecting to terrorism, and they are all being pushed into our communities by the most violent gangs and cartels. Then there is the problem of the public health crisis. Illegal immigration sits at the nexus of everything that is dangerous and everything against which the federal government was created to protect us. Why is there no leading voice in either body of Congress on this issue?

The answer, very simply put, is that the party doesn’t care. The GOP hates its base. That is why Trump is going to need to step up his game and give televised addresses to the nation every few days while traveling the country giving speeches, not just at the border, but in cities inside our country that have been devastated by illegal immigration.

Last night, Breitbart reported that ICE and Border Patrol were forced to release another 2,000 illegal aliens into our country because there is no more detention space thanks to the intensity of the invasion. The danger to our country is unfathomable when you consider that the last major surge in 2014 unleashed the worst drug and gang crisis in our history on our country.

As the Texas Department of Public Safety reported, “The increase of illegal alien gang members crossing the border into Texas among unaccompanied minors the previous year... positioned the gang as one of the state’s most significant gang threats." According to both the DEA and the Texas DPS, these aliens smuggled in by the cartels expanded the transnational street gangs in our city that serve as the retail distributors for various cartels.

Every wonder why Chicago is experiencing more violence than usual since Obama’s second-term immigration policies? Most of the extra violence there is not the result of the domestic gangs, but the transnational gangs working for the cartels and nourished by our border and sanctuary policies. “The Mexican cartels provide a steady stream of drugs to the Chicago area. Though the Sinaloa Cartel and CJNG are the city’s most notable sources of supply, other Mexican cartels that deliver drugs to the area include BLO, the Gulf Cartel, La Familia Michoacán (LFM), and Los Guerreros Unidos (LGU),” wrote DEA officials in their brand-new threat assessment report. "Chicago is home to several street gangs that are heavily involved in drug distribution, and collectively these gangs serve as the primary mid-level and retail-level drug distributors for the cartels."

What else? "These gangs are also responsible for a substantial portion of the city’s violent crime."

The type of crime we are now seeing across the country is a sign that the most brutal cartel violence has already crept into America. Derek Maltz, former head of the DEA’s Special Operations Division, told me that he was seeing this trend already toward the end of his career during the Obama era, and the violence from the cartels was as “ruthless” as anything he saw. “Mexican cartels have exported their evil, violent, and radical tactics into the communities of America. They have no concern for innocent citizens when they are trying to carry out their drug operations,” said the veteran DEA agent in an exclusive interview with CR. “We have seen incredible cartel-on-cartel violence in cities all over America. Humans are burned, shot, stabbed, and tortured, and there is no regard for human life.”

But there is no passion from Republicans on this issue. Where are the op-eds, speeches on the Senate floor, bills being proposed? Why, to this day, are Senate Republicans refusing to force votes on the Senate floor on cutting off magnets for criminal aliens, identity fraud, sanctuary cities, and asylum fraud? Why are they not forcing Democrats to hold the floor and sustain a talking filibuster?

Unfortunately, we have negative energy among Republicans. Sens. Susan Collins and Cory Gardner have already complained about the partial fake shutdown of the bureaucracy, not the shutdown of our nation-state. Lamar Alexander is trying to revive the Gang of Eight amnesty. Lindsey Graham and Joe Manchin are trying to work on a “dream” amnesty deal, the very amnesty that spawned this invasion to begin with!

In addition, the following seven House Republicans voted for the Democrat budget bill: Brian Fitzpatrick, Penn.; Will Hurd, Texas; John Katko, N.Y.; Peter King, N.Y.; Elise Stefanik, N.Y.; Fred Upton, Mich.; and Greg Walden, Ore. Walden recently ran the very GOP organ responsible for recruiting other Republicans, and Stefanik is being tapped to recruit more women candidates.

Then there is the donor class. Time magazine reports that the Kochs are making amnesty their biggest priority this year. Last year, their biggest priority was jailbreak, and they succeeded in getting Jared Kushner to convince President Trump to break his lifelong views on that issue. The overwhelming majority of federal drug traffickers these days, who will now be eligible for early release and reduced sentencing, are those tied to the very transnational cartels and gangs that have been empowered by the same immigration policies promoted by the Kochs. Yet the Kochs fund most of the “conservative” think tanks and many of the activist groups.

There is nobody who stands for the forgotten American taxpayer who is the victim of this insanity. All of the money, power, and fame are on the side of the invaders.

Which brings us to President Trump. He is the only voice for this issue, but he needs to step up his game. Yesterday’s press conference with border agents was a good start. He should follow up with a series of televised addresses to the nation laying out the history of the lies and betrayals against the American people on the immigration issue. He should deliver a presentation on how this particular iteration of illegal immigration is fueling the worst drug and gang crisis ever and is responsible for much of the violence in cities like Chicago. He should educate the public on the cost to our schools, health care, welfare, and criminal justice system and the number of Americans who pay the ultimate price for the betrayal of our border.

This is Trump’s time to shine. As Reagan once said, if not now, when? If not us, who?

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