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The NYT just made MLK Jr. roll over in his grave

Conservative Review

“Can my children be friends with people of a different race?” That’s the actual question posed by law professor Ekow N. Yankah in the Sunday New York Times opinion pages.

Anyone from this century knows the obvious answer to that question is, “Of course!”

In fact, there was a whole movement about that in the ‘60s led by a guy named Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Maybe you remember.

You may also remember the following, from "Hope and Change" himself:

But Yankah, professor at (the Jewish) Yeshiva University, arrives at a different conclusion: “I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible.”

He mocks the belief system of MLK and other civil rights leaders when he writes, “Spare me platitudes of how we are all the same on the inside,” as if the idea that people should be evaluated on the content of their character is ludicrous. 

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Naturally, of course, Yankah blames his distrust for white people on President Trump, whose election he says, has “fixed the awful thought in my mind too familiar to black Americans: ‘You can’t trust these people.’”

The irony is dripping from the page, since the author blames Trump for dividing the country while at the same time calling for what is effectively segregation.

Whenever someone of the “Everything is Racist!” group sees something they don’t like, they remarkably fail to see real racism when it stares them dead in the face. This article, for instance, is real racism. Saying you don’t want your kids to be friends with certain people because of the color of their skin is real racism. Segregation is real racism.

If you’re not convinced, switch the paradigm: Blacks would be furious if, say,, National Review, or CR published a story in 2008 that asked, “Can my children be friends with black people?”

They’d be apoplectic if the author concluded the answer was no because Obama was president.

And yet, The New York Times deem it worthy of prime real estate in its Sunday edition (which, like most papers, is the day of highest circulation/readership).

This is a new low, even for the failing New York Times, and I pray that this is not the new normal. However, the silence from the Left makes me fear it is.

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