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The problem isn’t Mahmoud Abbas & metal detectors. It’s Palestine

Conservative Review

Palestinians are rioting and killing en masse. Again. An evergreen occurrence since the founding of the Palestinian idea.

This time, they’re all worked up over metal detectors surrounding the Temple Mount complex in Jerusalem, the media tells us. But unfortunately for the politically correct narrative, that’s not at all the reason why the Palestinians are on a murderous rampage. The reason why they’re on a murderous rampage is because the Palestinian national movement is one big Islamic supremacist murderous rampage.

And the Islamic supremacist component has been put on display for the world to see. This week, Palestinian leaders announced that Temple Mount (which is the holiest site in Judaism) belongs to “Muslims and Palestinians only.”

But that doesn’t fit into the establishment narrative, so our media overlords have decided to add a chock full of moral cement to add confusion to the issue over the holy sites in Jerusalem. You see, Palestinians kill innocents because of the “cycle of violence,” which Israel contributes to by “occupying” the Palestinians, they tell us.

Nevermind the fact that there was never a Palestinian state, nor an independent Palestinian culture, before Israel declared independence. The mainstream media have decided that Israel owes something to the stateless Arab Muslim Palestinians who refuse to recognize the basic human rights of their Jewish neighbors. This rationale has resulted in warped coverage and moral equivocations between terrorists and people who overwhelmingly want to simply to live in freedom and peace with their neighbors.

Some say that if only Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas would tone down the rhetoric a few notches, then we can finally get back to the idea that two peoples should live side by side in their own sovereign states. The White House, under both presidents Trump and Obama, has embraced this narrative.

The PA president has responded to this latest episode by — like usual — fanning the flames of terror and violence. Abbas, a thug anti-Semite who played an intimate role in the 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli Olympians, has called on Palestinians to “intensify the popular struggle”(or, kill more innocent Jews) in order to achieve their goals.

But the issue isn’t Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas is not the problem; he is merely a manifestation of the problem.

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