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This is what happens when purist conservatives stay home

Conservative Review

You were warned.

We told you this would happen, but you didn’t want to listen.

Once more, purist conservatives chose to make the perfect the enemy of the good and refused to support the lesser of two evils. They ignored all warnings that if they stayed home on Election Day and permitted Hillary Clinton to become president, it would result in the proverbial third term of Barack Obama.

And now here we are.

Less than eight months from inauguration day, the policies speak for themselves. Obamacare will stay because Republicans weren’t there to keep their multi-year promise to repeal it, which Donald Trump promised to sign if he were elected. Obama’s illegal executive amnesty will stay as well, possibly enshrined in duly passed legislation, and there is no border wall to keep another wave of illegals out.

But sadly, that’s not all.

Wages remain stagnant. Government mandates requiring ministries and religious business owners to pay for the killing of children remain in place. Planned Parenthood is fully funded, despite all those videos catching them bloody-handed, peddling in dead baby parts. The Justice Department still refuses to defend the First Amendment freedoms of Christian business owners, let alone prosecute Hillary for her crimes. And now we’re seeing the White House conspire with Democrat leadership in Congress to pass even more stifling debt down to our children. Not to mention cynically tying it to natural disaster relief, of all things.

You can’t help but wonder why we even have elections at all, when folks refuse to learn their lesson — when too many Americans knowingly vote for policies that will be their undoing and conservatives remain on the sidelines just because the Republican nominee has a few rough edges and a locker-room vocabulary.

If I didn’t know better, I would wonder if all these tragic hurricanes happening one on top of the other were some sort of divine judgment for voting for these godless and anti-American policies.

But I won’t go there. However, I will go here: You threw the baby out with the bathwater with your tantrum. It wasn’t just Trump who lost; the Republican majorities in Congress were swept up in his defeat, too. Granted, the GOP Congress hadn’t exactly been a profile in courage these past two years, but its members were the last remaining line of defense for us in Washington. Now they’re gone as well, so we watch Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi divvy up the spoils.

I hope you all are happy and can look your children in the eye and explain to them why you had to make a point last November rather than take a stand.

Trump wasn’t perfect, and he wasn’t my first choice, either. But clearly he would have been better than Hillary.

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