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Time for an American Brexit?

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Tired of our country being flooded with too many refugees from the Middle East and illegal immigrants from all over the world?  How about creating our own Brexit? 

While many conservatives are celebrating the deadlocked Supreme Court decision on Obama’s “DAPA” amnesty, resulting in the 5th Circuit’s injunction against the illegal act remaining in effect, now is the time to keep up the pressure on Congress to act more than ever. 

To begin with, the effects of Judge Hanen’s injunction are less consequential than what is widely perceived. The lawsuit only dealt with one amnesty and it only stopped Obama from issuing work permits and Social Security cards to DAPA recipients. Obviously, a court has no ability to stop Obama from suspending deportations. In fact, Obama already announced that he will continue with his policy of ordering immigration agents not to follow the law and deport most illegal immigrants. And even as it relates to the affirmative benefits, the Social Security cards for DACA recipients were not a party to the lawsuit and will continue to be issued. Obama has already illegally granted at least 700,000 Social Security cards to people who have no constitutional right to be in this country.   

Thus, rather than GOP leaders using the court decision to wash their hands of this fight, the outcome leaves them with no excuses not to fight. While Obama unilaterally making citizens out of illegal immigrants was patently unconstitutional to even a non-constitutional scholar, now that the courts have spoken (after all, the courts are everything in our post-constitutional society), how can Republicans pass a budget bill in September that does not contain a provision defunding DACA. Let’s not forget DACA is just as unconstitutional as DAPA; it merely applies to a slightly younger demographic of illegal immigrants. However, it was not officially halted by the courts because it wasn’t the direct subject of the lawsuit. Obama is handing out work permits and Social Security cards every day and will continue to do so. How can Republicans fund it for even one more day?

This is different from any other odious policy that conservatives want to defund. We now have the much-vaunted federal judiciary confirming that it is completely unconstitutional. Let’s not pretend that the immigration issue was solved with this court ruling. 

In addition to defunding DACA (in the operative bill that funds the government in late September), Republicans must also leverage any funding towards the re-instatement of the Secure Communities Program, which cuts to the heart of Obama’s refusal to detain and remove criminal aliens, an issue that was obviously not addressed in the lawsuit. They must also bar DHS officials from preventing ICE or CBP agents from apprehending and deporting illegal aliens pursuant to statute.   

Moreover, Republicans have an obligation to stop Obama from enlisting illegal aliens in the military. Not only did they vote down an amendment to the NDAA to block the Pentagon’s recent policy, there is a provision in the bill explicitly blessing this action that has clearly been deemed unconstitutional.

An American Brexit on Refugee Resettlement

Finally, Congress has an obligation to intervene on behalf of the states in the other big immigration problem – Islamic refugee resettlement. Despite the fact that Obama is violating immigration statutes by resettling refugees in states without advanced consultation (or any consultation) with state officials, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit from Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton.  The people and the states are sick of this social transformation without representation and they are certainly warry of the security risks.  News continues to trickle out about the alleged rape of a 5-year-old special needs girl in the small heartland city of Twin Falls, Idaho at the hands of what appears to be several refugees. 

When did the American people ever vote to transform their society to this extent?  As I demonstrate in my upcoming book, Stolen Sovereignty, all of the transformation through immigration has been foisted upon us by the courts and the bureaucrats. To the extent there was ever legislation that led to harmful immigration policies, those bills were sold to the American people as the exact opposite of their desired result. The 1980 Refugee Act was advertised as a way of clamping down on mass influxes of refugees.

I don’t claim to be an expert on British affairs, but the obvious undercurrent of the #Brexit referendum in a general sense was the desire for self-governance, popular sovereignty, and to clamp down on social transformation without representation. Isn’t it time for our own Brexit? Instead of relying on the courts, which will be a net liability on immigration in the long run, Congress must take the power over sovereignty back from the executive branch and return it to the people and the states.

Last year, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the State Refugee Security Act of 2015 (S. 2363), which allows governors to block refugee resettlement in their respective states if they believe it poses a security risk to their residents. Although we are not governed by an international body the same way Great Britain was controlled by the EU, states suffering from refugee resettlement face a similar predicament to those European countries flooded with refugees. Refugee resettlement is controlled by the UN, unelected bureaucrats, and taxpayer-funded private resettlement contractors – without any input from the states or Congress. If Congress had to approve the refugee program today, there is no way it would pass either chamber.

It’s time for Congress to do its job and restore the sovereignty of the people, the states, and the federal union. As it relates to illegal immigration or refugee resettlement, the courts are not the solution. If Republicans truly desire to change the narrative from gun control, they can easily harness the security and sovereignty concerns of the American people by reclaiming authority over all aspects of immigration policy.     

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