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Twilight Zone: Pentagon pays for castration operation in military

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What sort of society rips down a memorial for WWI veterans? One whose military pays to castrate its own soldiers and then places them in the ranks.

I was on the phone last night with a colleague discussing the future of America and our purpose in even dabbling in this hopeless field. We were discussing how the progressive cancer has spread so deep that the military leadership is now rotten to the core and embracing masochism — literally. While we were talking, I saw a headline on my screen from NBC, which read “Pentagon to Pay for Surgery for Transgender Soldier.” It must have been the pent-up raw nerves of this emotionally charged week, but I immediately lost it and descended into a laughing fit with tears streaming from my eyes such that we had to end our conversation.

As they say, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Or, perhaps, do both.

An active-duty service member was to undergo gender transition surgery Tuesday in the first such procedure approved under a waiver allowing the Pentagon to pay for the operation, according to a Defense Department document.

The patient is an infantry soldier who identifies as a woman, according to a source close to the service member.

When our military leaders are not funneling weapons to Iranian proxies, they are paying for castration operations for those with very unfortunate masochist tendencies … and then placing them in positions dealing with munitions.

Folks, I’m pretty young, but I remember a time when an act of grotesque social engineering that looks sane compared to paid castration would have been immediately met with unrelenting outrage from Congress. Yet there is not a word from the leadership of either party, and they are passing a defense bill this week without even addressing the issue. We now have news reports describing “[T]he patient is an infantry soldier who identifies as a woman,” and we don’t bat an eyelash or bother to contemplate the national masochism — quite literally — taking place. The 24/7 news cycle of endless saturation has numbed our souls and our brains to the severity of what is happening to even the most respected institution in our nation.

Ponder for a moment the depth to which even “conservatives” in Washington have descended. The Pentagon has announced plans to lift restrictions on enrollment for those with masochist tendencies, among other mental illnesses. There was barely a peep among either party in response to this display of utter dangerous insanity. The one man who spoke up was actually John McCain. Yet, in case you think he has discovered a modicum of common sense, remember this is a man who enthusiastically supports castration in the military.

Can someone explain how one who cuts off an arm or a leg is not fit to serve in the military, but one who is so unstable as to chop off his plumbing should serve in the military? Have we all collectively lost our minds to the point that as long as you call it “surgery” and give it a mellifluous-sounding acronym, its social acceptance negates the danger and mental illness involved, something we would never overlook with even less consequential limbs? An elective amputation of an arm is less systemically damaging to the human body than the wholesale mutilation inherent in castration and its ancillary procedures.

The military seems to think they are one in the same, and leadership want to turn the service into one giant funny farm. It’s quite transparent that they are accepting self-harm in order to grease the skids for the sexual identity religion.

This is not about values any more; it’s about sanity and safety.

Yesterday, the House passed the 2018 defense authorization bill by a vote of 356-70, despite its flaws of funding terrorists overseas and bringing more Afghan immigrants to our shores. Yet they used a special procedure to withhold the bill from automatically going to the Senate unless the Senate agrees to withdraw a provision from the bill that would allow the Pentagon to use emergency battlefield medicine not approved by the FDA. This has been the only major ongoing dispute within the defense bill, and House Republicans have made this provision their hill to die on. What a great concern for health and safety, eh?

Furthermore, where is the president? Who is the president? Is this from Defense Secretary James Mattis? Are these Obama holdovers? Trump’s own nominee for assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, Dean Winslow, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that “therapeutic abortion services should be provided by the military.” Yes, he believes the military should be a social experiment for women in combat, then proceed to abort the resulting babies on the taxpayer dime. This is what the military elite have done to this institution. Incidentally, Winslow also said it’s “insane” for civilians to own “assault weapons.” How much do you want to bet someone like this believes it is “sane” to offer “therapeutic” castration services?

A few weeks ago, in one of the most radical court rulings of all time (and that is saying something!), a district judge created a constitutional right not only to serve in the military but to serve with the mental disorder of gender dysphoria. But even that crazy judge said that the government didn’t have to pay for the act of mutilation.

So who made the affirmative decision to go ahead with this insanity?

Some people may be losing their plumbing, but if we continue to remain silent in the face of this insanity, we have all lost our minds.

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