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Trump protesters want violence. Don’t give it to them.

Conservative Review

I have been watching in despair as aggressive confrontation, provocation, and disruption by left-wing activists triggers more and more violent responses from the supporters of Donald Trump. There are no winners in this escalating violence. Everyone will lose.

I look at this current mess from the perspective of my personal history as an activist, a tea party organizer, and as a student of successful non-violent social movements. I was intimately involved in organizing the largest tea party rallies, including the September 12, 2009 March on Washington. What was most remarkable about that massive gathering of over a million activists was how perfectly peaceful and civil it was. Organizers, along with the U.S. Park Police, expected maybe tens of thousands. As a result, the infrastructure – law enforcement, barricades, health care support, the sound system, and the Porta-Johns – turned out to be grossly inadequate for the sea of humanity that descended on Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. that morning.

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