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WaPo’s Aaron Blake FAILS HARD with BOTCHED ‘fact-check’ of Sarah Sanders

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Face palm …

Exhibit “A” … The media has been in a collective meltdown ever since some folks at a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida told Jim Acosta that CNN sucked. The rhetoric and whining has been at a breakneck pace. Yesterday, when Sarah Sanders took Acosta to the woodshed over how the media has treated her personally, he pouted and left the briefing.

Sanders laid out a series of events showing just how nasty the media has been to her. These have led to her needing Secret Service protection, something press secretaries normally don’t receive. That’s when the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake decided to fact check Sanders. It went HORRIBLY wrong.

The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson noticed just how bad the “fact-check” was:

It really was that bad. Here’s just one of the entries:

Nobody said Sanders should be harassed as a life sentence.

This refers to a TV appearance from Washington Post opinion blogger Jennifer Rubin. Rubin was actually saying that declining to serve Sanders at the Red Hen restaurant wasn't a fruitful course of action and that people should protest instead. Rubin said nothing directly about people “harassing” Sanders, although she did say being “uncomfortable” should be a “life sentence” for Sanders, for “lying” and “inciting” people against the press. (Emphasis added)

Aaron that’s nuclear grade word parsing right there.

7.6 lies a day? … CNN’s Chris Cillizza and Brian Stelter harped on a recent analysis by Aaron Blake’s colleagues over at the Washington Post that “showed” that Donald Trump has an average of over seven misstatements a day. Of course that’s done by the crack “fact-checking” team at the Post which works a lot like Blake does above. Massaging words and turning true statements and opinion into “lies.”

Media types wonder why large portions of Americans don’t like them? This is EXACTLY why. It’s time to look in the mirror.

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