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This week, 2020 Democrats are trying to sell you draconian gun control, driver's licenses for illegal aliens, and more debt

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Politicians' wild campaign promises every few years are as much a part of the American experience as baseball, apple pie, pickup trucks, and commemorative Postal Service stamps.

And the 2020 Democratic field hasn't disappointed recently. Here's a list of some of the most recent pledges that Democratic hopefuls have made in just the past few days.

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden has made another hard left turn and is now on the government-run health care bandwagon, recently promising Medicaid access to everyone across the board. "I think everyone’s entitled to have total health care," Biden said at an event Monday. "And what I would do is make sure that every single person — as I propose — every single person in the United States has access to Medicaid right off the bat." He also promised, "We're gonna cure cancer."
  • Not to be outdone on promises of free stuff, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., rolled out a plan Monday to cancel student loan debt for an approximate 95 percent of borrowers, which of course would mean saddling the American taxpayer and our national debt with the cost.
  • And speaking of policy plans that would balloon the national debt, Robert "Beto" O'Rourke got behind the idea of slavery reparations on Saturday, saying, “As president, I would sign into law HB 40 which was introduced by Sheila Jackson Lee, which ensures we have a reparations commission. That the full story of this country is told to everyone in this country. It is only then that I think you can begin the work of repair.”
  • Eric Swalwell is promising gun control boosters a national firearms registry and a federal ban on magazines that hold over 10 rounds, per his new gun control plan. He also wants background checks on all ammunition purchases, a federal ban on armed schoolteachers, and a ban on online ammo sales.
  • Meanwhile, presidential candidate and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says that he wants to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and supports legislation in the state that would do that. “I believe in driver’s licenses for all," the mayor said. "I believe that all New Yorkers, regardless of documentation status, need to be able to get a license the right way. It’s about fairness, but it’s also about safety for all of us and for our families.” He also said of the idea: "It’s fair. It’s smart. It’s safe.”

Will plans like these actually succeed with the American people once the Democratic primary's mad dash to the Left is over?

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