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Will Trump be remembered as a big-government Bushite?

Conservative Review

The plan is to blow off the caps on spending and increase spending until July 2021. Then, when President Trump is serving his second term, he can tighten everyone’s belt because he’ll definitely have a mandate to govern, or something.

This is the problem that happens when Republicans apparently don’t give a flying rip about the future. This is what happens when political expediency takes hold and we forget about the big problems we face.

The debt is a big problem, and it’s only gotten bigger under Trump. While the Left complains about tax cuts, it’s actually the built-in tax increase called spending that is creating so much debt.

Prior to the Trump era, the Reagan era was known for remembering that the government isn’t the solution to our problems, it is the problem. But then the Bushites came in with their big-government attitude and spent their way into the Left’s hands, handing the torch to Obama. The government spending right now under Trump is very, very Bush-like, and the outrageous debt some future leftist president will foist upon us is already a done deal if Trump doesn’t take a stand against spending.

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to claim we can’t afford Elizabeth Warren’s debt forgiveness plan while simultaneously supporting more debt spending elsewhere. The Republican Party led by Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump has tied our hands.

According to the Washington Post, President Trump said that “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told him no politician had ever lost office for spending more money.” And even though it’s from the Washington Post, I choose to believe this one. McConnell has spent decades training his creeps in D.C. to point out how conservative he has always been, your lying eyes be damned.

But for Trump to go along with this weak, fat, lazy, narcissistic argument to help solidify his win in 2020, it would mean he has stopped being who the people backing him believe he is. It means he faces a much tougher re-election than a lot of people think, because he’s becoming just another politician and not an agent for change.

Save the baloney commentary that this deal was a win for President Trump or some masterful stroke. It is the beginning of the end of a great era, or a great feeling, rather, that America might actually be on a different path from what is the ultimate demise of all republics. As some unknown philosopher long ago predicted, once the people can vote for cash prizes, the republic and even democracy itself is over.

Even more complicated is having to explain why it’s bad to carry so much debt as a nation when it doesn’t show up in people’s everyday lives. But debt forgiveness of student loans from the government would be immediate and noticeable and would free up the future of countless young people who took out the easy loans, did what they were told, and got their degrees, only to find no work.

You can complain all day that their degrees don’t amount to a hill of beans, but they did what they were told. Public schools fed into the public colleges, and the teachers and counselors from one fed the other. Where do we start to stop all this?

Then of course, there is the spending they’ve put off. I haven’t heard about infrastructure lately. Have you? There’s another cool $2 trillion. I’m sure Trump the politician will tout infrastructure the minute we all forget about our destructive debt.

To be the guy we think he is, President Trump should take a stand against more spending. Reverse the course. Here. Now. There is no other way off this predetermined path we are on.

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