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WTF MSM!? Are we really going to trust ABC's Brian Ross?

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Flynn hot takes …

Are we really gonna believe Brian Ross? … Shortly after news broke that former Obama and Trump administration official Michael Flynn had reached a plea deal with the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, ABC’s Brian Ross claimed that “candidate” Donald Trump ordered Flynn to initiate contact with Russians. Almost all the other reporting references a post-campaign, transition time frame. Are we to believe Ross? Don’t forget, Ross has a long history of mischaracterizing news as it unfolds.

The National Review’s David French throws some cold water on Ross’ claim.

Did Flynn cause a stock market dip? … The AP reported via tweet: “BREAKING: Stocks turn sharply lower after ex-Trump adviser Flynn pleads guilty, says he will cooperate with Russia probe.” But is that what really happened? CR’s Chris Pandolfo messaged me shortly after the tweet to say, “At the same time as details of the Flynn story were breaking, it was reported that a vote on the tax plan would be delayed.” Shortly thereafter, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he had the votes to pass the tax bill, and the market began to rebound.

Different Russian news ignored … I’ve been making regular mention of developments regarding Fusion GPS, the Clinton Campaign, and Russian information making it into the hands of the FBI. The mainstream media has by and large ignored these developments. Our friends at NewsBusters outline how the Associated Press and New York Times have ignored the new developments for four weeks. The AP is most troubling, because many other organizations, like local newspapers, rely on them for national content. When the AP ignores something, it’s as if it doesn’t exist.

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