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WTF MSM!? CNN leads #FakeNews weekend

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CNN’s Trump Russia fantasy explodes

Retraction … On Thursday of last week, CNN published a “bombshell” investigative report linking people close to President Donald Trump with a Russian investment company. By Friday night, the story had been replaced by an editor’s note saying the story had been REMOVED. Philly.com reporter Rob Tornoe explains what happened.

Questions were raised … BuzzFeed has more. Initially, the story was just removed, with no explanation. It took people calling out CNN for the story to be replaced with an editor’s note explaining the removal and retraction. CNN editors hardly deserve praise for the sneaky way they went about this.

Speed of the internet … Of course, while the retraction was warranted, the damage to both CNN’s reputation and those people close to Trump who were smeared was done. Here’s a search showing all the tweets linking to the story.

Stelter admits it harmed reputation … CNN’s Brian Stelter admitted that the whole situation has harmed CNN’s reputation. In his daily email, Stelter said, “Determining what went wrong this time will help prevent future damage to the news organization...”

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