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WTF MSM!? Confidential sources

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They’re not anonymous to us …

Confidential … The executive editor of the Washington Post, Len Downie, has decided that the media should stop using the phrase “anonymous sources.” Because truthfully – yes, some truth in the MSM – those sources are known to the people writing and editing the stories. Downie said, on CNN’s Reliable Sources, “I prefer to call them confidential sources.” He added that people offering information are afraid for their jobs. While all that may be true, this is just a way to change the terminology, to deflect from folks' anger at "anonymous" sourcing.

Stelter’s gotcha on Trump … In his email last night, CNN’s Brian Stelter played gotcha with President Donald Trump. Stelter mentioned that Trump said in a tweet he got 40 percent approval in a recent ABC/ Washington Post poll, and that was wrong because the president got 36 percent. Looking at the poll, the registered voter number is 39 percent which is, rounded up, 40 percent. To be certain, the numbers are horrendous for Trump, but the gotcha is the kind of thing people are sick of from the media.

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